Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Happy Birthday Gail's Dad

I almost forgot. Focussing on my own concerns as usual. Happy birthday Gail's Dad.

Now it all depends on how you calculate dog ages compared to human ones, which of us is older (him 87 today, me 13 years and 9 days). Let's call it a draw for now.

I do like Gail's Dad, even though I know he wasn't too sure about me to begin with. We share a view of the important things in life - regular walks taken at a leisurely pace, frequent and meat-rich meals, the idea that a constant supply of bones is essential to a dog's well-being. We also both value companionable quiet evenings at home, an orderly existence, a nice garden to explore.

We have ailments in common too - itchy skin problems, dodgy heart, a need for lots of rest. And we both feel a bit sad that our mountaineering days are over.

Well I hope you have a lovely day in Nottingham Gail's Dad, and that I get to come down and see you soon. Please save some bones for Christmas!

P.S. Here's a nice picture of me and Gail's Dad, taken 7 years ago on his 80th birthday. We both now look a bit older....

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