Friday, 22 May 2009

Dogs before ducks!

Well I think it's about time we had the canine perspective on the big UK political issue of the moment. 

You know what upsets me most of all about these MP's expenses stories? No it's not the tax avoidance, the lying about mortgages, or even the now notorious cash-for-moat-cleaning claim.

No, what really upsets me is the distorted set of values evident when it comes to the animal kingdom. 

We dogs are 'man's best friend', are we not? I feel that implies a certain priority should be given when it comes to our upkeep. But what do we read in the papers?  Just ONE of our elected representatives, a mere single Member of Parliament, has bothered to use Westminster's generous and ever flexible 'allowances' system to the benefit of her pet pooches. And how much exactly did she claim? A measly £4.47 for dogfood. Peanuts, as it were.

Compare this with expediture claimed by our Honourable Sir Peter Viggers, Tory MP for Gosport, Hants. An unbelievable £1645 for a floating DUCK HOUSE! Yes that's right, a house for ducks. Floating. (See picture). 

Now you tell me, what have ducks ever done for the taxpayer? Are there therapy ducks? Guide ducks for the blind? Police ducks or sniffer ducks? How many ducks even entertain you with their blogs?

I think you get my drift. Humans, think about this next time you vote. And chose the candidate that puts dogs before ducks! 


Martha Basset said...

Hi Hamish
We are appalled that ducks are afforded more in the way of claims by MP's than dogs!
You are right, dogs offer far more to society.
A floating duck house indeed - what an insult to the canine population.
We will certainly be looking at our candidates in a new light in view of your report!
Could it perhaps be the case that the dog owning MP's are perhaps not quite so greedy?
After all dogs do bring out the best in humans.
Some food for thought - not of course that we will be claiming for our food.
Martha & Bailey xx

TwoSpecialWires said...

Hamish. Have you ever considered running for a political office? You should.

Your humble Jake and Fergi

Stella said...

Here in the USA we don't hear things like this, about pet expenses and so forth. Mostly its scandals about who is resting at whose apartment, or who has stolen money from what fund. Not good at all. But then we get upset and vote for someone else and they turn out to be just as bad! Hopeless. Yes, Hamish, do run for office and straighten things out soon!


Molly and Taffy said...

Hamish we do feel you have hit the nail right on the head. MP's huh.... sack the lot of them say our hoomans.

Now this pub we went to was called the Devonshire Arms. It was in the village of Pilsley. Follow the "farm shop" signs from Chatsworth (Baslow direction) and the pub is just down the road from the farm shop, which by the way sells scrummy food. The pub serves food till 3pm. Not sure what it is like as the hoomans only had drinkies.

There are also Devonshire Arms pubs in Baslow and Beesley so be sure not to get confused and go in the wrong one.

Now there is also an excellent pub in Castleton. If you look at our New Year's Eve post you can see photos of The George pub.

We definitely recommend this pub.

Have a safe trip.Pity we will miss you. :-(

Molly and Taffy

Penny said...

£4.47 for dog food if that wasnt bad enough, compared to a stupid FLOATING DUCK HOUSE-Whoever heard of such nonsense! At a whopping £1645,Yep Hamis,you've definitely got a point and a problem I totally understand what your problem is there!
What do DUCKS do to deserve that I mean us dogs stay up on guard 24hrs a day practically and what do they get £4.47 worth of food?! Thats a BIG problem! Are they okay in the head! Write to them Hamish,for the good of us canines!
Lots of sloppy licks your dearist pal,Penny!
P.S I agree with Jake and Fergi,you should consider running for political office!

Ludo van Doggy said...

Bah, absolutely shocking! I gonna go give my suck stuffy a good old shaking.
Thanks for bringing the floating duck issue to light!
~lickies, Ludo

CAM said...

Hi there Hamish.
I hate to put a spanner in the works, but here's a different perspective. Admittedly, we are unfamliar with the specifics of the British system at this end of the world. Are you saying that its all going to the Ducks? (Maybe its a good thing - ironically elevating our status and the saying -"...going to the dogs!" being chucked out of colloquial language.) Luv Max & Co

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Haha, great post Hamish....we like your style and must admit, we thought the same when we heard about the measly dog food requires a certain quality in one's diet, doesn't one? The rubbish tastes pretty good too, hehe :D
Slobbers xx