Wednesday, 20 May 2009

In praise of Aberdeen City Council!

Readers, especially those based in the 'Granite City', may be surprised by the title of this post. Like me, they may even have heard Gail whinging at length about the shortcomings of our local government - the closed swimming pools, the astronomical taxes, the parking charges, the fifty million pounds debt.....

Well today I shall attempt to redress the balance. For there is one thing that Aberdeen City Council really does well. Parks and Gardens. Dog friendly parks, with lots of colourful flowers and interesting places to sniff. Mostly, you don't have to be on a lead in these parks, just 'under control' (ha ha). Duthie Park,  just down the road from where I live, is my usual haunt. But my favourite is Hazlehead, where we went on Sunday to check out the Azalea Garden.

Pretty isn't it? Notice up here in cold Northern Britain we still have a few daffodils, and it'll be couple of weeks before the azalea blooms are at their peak. But anyway, I had great fun exploring. 

What else did I get up to in the park?

Well, I made friends (sort of) with a cute little schnauzer, I paddled in a puddle, I sniffed some daisies and I went to check that the memorial to the 167 oil workers killed in the Piper Alpha disaster is still in good nick.

Oh and I made sure all the kids were enjoying themselves in the playground.

Finally Gail and I both admired the rhododendrons, and I let her take just one picture without me in it. 

PS If you click on the montages, they should biggify.


Martha Basset said...

Hi Hamish
Loved your beautiful pictures today. Well done Aberdeen City Council - Glasgow are also good with parks but not much else!
They certainly have a lovely display of colour.
We thought you being white was good cos you didn't clash with anything!
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xx

Asta said...

I think that pawk would make up fow all the othew stuff! It's bootiful! and dog fwiendly! We don't have anything like that hewe!
I love seeing you enjoy it. Lucky kids to get to see you
smoochie kisses

Stella said...

Hi Hamish,

Thanks for the lovely tour around your Gardens. Very exceptional, certainly nothing like it here.

I'm glad you make sure the kids are having fun. And you had a good time too!


Jake of Florida said...

Anytime a local government does something nice for dogs -- and people -- like parks -- we are grateful. But then there's all that other unacceptable stuff they do!!!

Jake and Just Harry

Ludo van Doggy said...

Great collages Hamish! You really suit the dignified parks and gardens with all their pretty flowers and they does compliment your coat well. At least your council has their priorities right. Over here they be trying to stop us going on the beach!
~lickies, Ludo

Pamela, Kira and Scampi said...

Preety Flowers! Mom always appreciates the nice parks with plants, but the budget cuts here have ruined and even closed a lot of them. It is nice to see some towns still care! I am glad I was not there, Mom would have made me pose everywhere!
-Kira The BeaWootiful

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Hi Hamish,

Beautiful park - it looks like you are enjoying it.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Tee said...

Hello there Hamish,

What lovely pictures of you in the park and flowers in bloom. Your city is really making much effort to look beautiful in spring!

LIcks and Wags

TUffy and the Dog Woods Pack

TwoSpecialWires said...

Hamish! Your parks are beautiful! We are surprised at all the color so far north!! We aren't even close to having that much color here... maybe it is the altitude. We aren't very smart that way. But we do know you are very lucky to live where there are such pretty places to visit and that are dog friendly.

WE are lucky that you share the wonderful photographs!

Jake and Fergi

CAM said...

Hi Hamish. T
hanks for the beautiful pictures. THey sure make mom envious this end. Here in South Africa, our parks are a mess (very unfortunately). She is extremely choosy about which park to have no idea how lucky you are!! You look such a cute dog. You must give your dad (?) big licks for being such a responsible owner who walks you regularly.
Take care and luv from sunny South Africa. Luv Maxxxx (and co)

Penny said...

Hi Hamish!
I love your pics everywhere is colourful,bright and cheerful! A brilliant job by Aberdeen City Council,is it always that beautiful?!
What a fantastic plac to live!
Ahhhhhh........Isnt the doggie life Great!
Lots of sloppy licks,your dearist pal,Penny!