Monday, 10 August 2009

My predecessors

I can't show you a picture of Arthur -  at least not until we acquire a decent scanner - but I would like to introduce you to some of my inanimate predecessors, who I'm pleased to say are still around today.

This is Mr and Mrs Teddy. Quite the old married couple, don't you think?

Mr Teddy used to play a tune, if you wound him up, but nowadays he just has a patch on his back covering where the key used to go in. 

All the rather splendid clothes worn by these teddy bears were knitted and sewn many many years ago by various members of Gail's family. Special mention should go to Mr Teddy's scarf, a one-off contribution from big brother Max (who long since gave up knitting for accountancy and who, as far as we are aware, does not read this blog!)

Uncle Edward the Elephant, pictured right, was also the beneficiary of Gail's relatively short-lived enthusiasm for knitting. It was thoughtful of her, don't you think, to fashion such a fine trunk warmer, mindful of the fact that winters in the UK are so much colder than in his native Africa. I try not to be jealous of Edward, who still shares a bed with Gail, as I am a rationalist, remember, and it would be stupid to envy a non-sentient object, wouldn't it?

As for Sammy the Seal, I have taken care to photograph his 'good side'. I'm afraid that this young fellow's nose was badly burned in an unfortunate accident involving a gas fire, some time around 1965, and he may still be a little self conscious about his looks...Oops, sorry, forgot to be rational there for a minute! 

Now some of my canine blogging friends, I have come to realise, do not treat their own stuffed animals with the respect they surely deserve. Fortunately, my scientific interests do not include dissection, or dismemberment, and as you can see, the Teddy duo, Edward and Sammy are all quite safe in my paws. 


Ludo van Doggy said...

Mum sure liked your prede-er-pr-prederorers a lot! Especially their clothes. she has lots of them 'not yours, some I never allowed to touch evers!
~lickies, Ludo

ScrapsofMe said...

You'd think with all that knitting talent in the family, someone would have knitted you some wooly booties for the winter and felted them up so they'd be nice and water resistent. And a bright red wrap coat too. You need them more than the stuffies.
Bonnie - ever ready for a little shopping therapy and a new wardrobe.

Stella said...

Lovely little menagerie you have their, Hamish. And of course you wouldn't damage them, who in their right mind would? Not me, certainly!
We only have one old one, a teddy bear that belonged to my human brother Mike when he was a wee one. He never liked it all that much either so its stored away in a box!

Are you all recovered from your recent skin problems? Sounds like you must be. Good!


Kira The BeaWootiful said...

Woos! Mom has some like that, worn and tattered, but much loved, and Scampi and I are not allowed to rip them up or de-stuff them.
Nice collection, but you are the best!

-Kira The BeaWootiful

Martha Basset said...

How sweet Hamish! What about that guinea pig - he seemed to live forever - well for a guinea pig!
You are in good hands there Hamish - rest easy.
We loved the teddies with their family history - we cannot believe an accountant could knit a scarf - that makes him a very special accountant in our eyes.
There is no doubt of course that you are the sweetest of them all!
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx

Nibbles Treats said...

Very nice friends Hamish.

Lots of treats,
Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

MAX said...

...a brother called 'MAX'?:- a knitting brother, who does accounting? wonder you have some scewed opinions of me!!

But Im impressed with your preservation of stuffies skills, Hamish - there we are very similar!
Tons of licks
ps We thought the leg warmer for the elephant trunk was very funny!

Molly,Taffy and Monty said...

Hamish we are most impressed you do not destroy yout hoomans stuffies.

We do look after our stuffies it is just that they get into all osrts of mischief and always seem to injure themselves!

MOlly, Taffy and Monty.

Pee ess. Our hooman says is Mrs Bear a Wendy Boston bear?

Eric said...

Hamish Esq.I admire your preservation orders on Mom's precious Mr and Mrs Teddy, Edward And Sammy.Very noble. Mom was oooohing at Mr and Mrs (wishing she had kept her childhood teddy's)While I was admiring Max brothers knitting tension(funny that, my Uncle did a spot of knitting in his youth too must of been in the school circ eh?) and thr teeeheee trunk warmer for Edward. And crickey.Think Sammy the seal might need a bit of therapy and surgery Hamish.

Now I rarely cause my stuffies many injuries once they lose the ability to squeel.Are you the same?

Of course among all those old toys you look most spritely and handsome Hamish. Perhaps your Mom and possibly Max if he isn't too busy doing sums, could knit you a wee coat for the winter?

As for your last blog hmm my example might be Otis Kiittie bro and I both fighting for the same resource...sitting on Mom's lap.Do I get a gold star?

Wiry wags n kisses Eric.

Hows the itcy scratchies Hamish? Feline better I hope.

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Wow Hamish! You sure take good care of your toys. Are you SURE you are really a terrier?! My mom laughed at the elephant's nose warmer, 'cause she had one as a teenager. hehe.

So, you replaced a guinea pig? That is pretty funny. I guess I replaced a Persian cat. Yikes!
WelshieHugs, Hootie

TwoSpecialWires said...

You're making us think it might be about time to introduce Mishka. Gotta check with the Girl, but we already have some pictures. HE is one stuffy that we've long ago learned is not up for destuffing. (Still, he sits in a very special - elevated - spot during the day.)

Just in case.
Jake and Fergs