Monday 13 October 2008


Gosh I am so glad I'm not a poodle. And that Gail's not a twelve year old girl with thing for pink....

I've been down to England this weekend to visit Gail's family. Most of the time was spent with her parents in Nottingham (such lovely people, such great steak and kidney pie), but on Sunday we went up to Sheffield to visit her brother Max and his family. That includes Izzy, the standard poodle, pictured above. I think I made my feelings towards Izzy quite clear in this photo, which Gail took last year.

I didn't let Gail take a photo of her (or me) this time. Would you believe, Annabel - the aforementioned twelve year old, Max's daughter, had dyed Izzy's head and tail pink? And, worse, painted her toes with purple glitter nail varnish! One really, really doesn't want to encourage that sort of thing.

Between you and me, I think Izzy's a total airhead.

Let me tell you I wouldn't let anyone get away with treating me like a toy doll. I do remember that once, way back, Gail's godson Ben suggested painting a St George's Cross on my back, before an England World Cup game. I am so relieved that she refused. For a proud Scotsman, head to paw pink would actually have been preferable!

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