Thursday, 3 December 2009

I am worth it!

It was very nice that several of you, my dear friends, commented on how smart I looked wearing my red coat in the previous post. 

Well no doubt it looks OK in the photos, from afar, especially as Gail has not yet bothered to work out how to get high definition pictures on the blog... But the truth is, this coat is now over 10 years old, and so worn and frayed that I am almost embarrassed to wear it. 

See what I mean? Just imagine if I had bumped into one of the Queen's corgis at Balmoral last weekend....

I have hinted before that I need a new coat. So far to no avail. I fear that Gail thinks it a waste to invest any money in garments for an elderly dog like me. 

How mean is that??


Martha said...

Shockingly mean Hamish! Of course you must have a new coat Hamish and Xmas is coming up. We espect Gail has already been looking for just the right coat for a distinguished looking older Westie such as yourself.
We see you in a smart tartan or country tween ourselves.
We agree it would have been most embarassing had you met the Queen - she would certainly have invited you to remove your coat when you stayed to tea.
Imagine had she seen how frayed and old it had become.
We will also write to Santa on your behalf just to be double sure that a new coat arrives.
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx
PS neither of us have a coat!!!!

Martha said...

PS that will be country tweed!!! We really will use preview soon!

Unknown said...

Hamish, we've found the perfect coat for you. Red, lined with fleece, with a sharp reflective band and your name embroidered on the back. Please let us know how long you are from neck to tail and your address and we'll order it promptly!

Your pal,


Stella said...

Mean in the extreme! What an offer from Petey . . .now there is a generous guy.

I also have an offer for you. A tuxedo with tartan bow tie and cummerbund you might like for the holiday festivities. You can send me your address too, and between Petey and I, we will have you DECKED OUT!



Asta said...

I just now saw youw handsome self in the wed coat and you do indeed look vewy vewy handsome..
Pawsonally I think you awe vewy vewy wowf a new one !
I'm absolutely suwe Gail didn't mean to say that and she is twying to fool you so as not to spoil the suwpwise
smoochie kisses

Dexter said...

Lots of nice memories with that old coat, huh. But maybe a new one will be filled with lots of new adventures for your small self.


ScrapsofMe said...

Maybe a nice new bright red coat will be under your Christmas tree? I hope she gets matching booties booties for you. They will keep yer feeties from getting damp and that will keep them from getting sore. Grumpy ole Puffy wears booties cuz he's ancient and his joints get cold even in Floriduh. When we go North in the wintertime, he starts shivering around Atlanta Georgia, and SHE puts his flannel coat on him and his red booties. Once we get into the mountains of NC and TN, she puts a heavy fleece coat over the flannel. Can't wait to see how merry you will look this Christmas. Tell Gail you can't wear that old coat to visit the Queen.

Bella and Ollie said...

Ask Santa, I'm sure you've been a good doggie. In fact since I'm helping Santa this year, I'll ask him myself.
Love, Bella.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

We think you'll get that new red coat - sounds like Petey is coming through for you. If he doesn't just let us know- Mom is in the coat ordering mood - we've a sneaking suspicion that we're getting them for Christmas - you would think that at her advanced age she would know that kids don't want clothes for Christmas, wouldn't you?

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Angus said...

What's a few frayed threads? It looks just fine for the beach at Aberdeen

Maxmom said...

Hey there Hamish, dear lad!

How ya doing? Well, I can answer must be really fine to be able to lift your leg like that right next to a swirling river!!! (it looks kinda dangerous!)

Listen, don't worry about the old coat...if Gail has any ideas about replacing it, you might conclude that she might consider replacing anything old(??? oops ????)

But anyway...if she is reluctant to replace old things - that is GOOD NEWS!!

Take care my dear chap...we've missed you!

Anonymous said...

Cousin Hamish,

Not to worry. Sounds like your friends are taking care of your need for a new coat. But, as someone said, the one you've got is just fine for doing your business.

I'm sure your peep loves you a lot and has big plans for a Christmas gift for you. (I'm sure it's a new coat, aren't you?)

Hey, my peeps have been to Aberdeen! They loved it. It was many, many years ago, but they still talk about that trip to Scotland. They've been twice and hope to go back. But here's what I don't understand: I'M the Scottish Terrier and have NEVER been there. They are PEOPLE and have been twice!

Stay warm and dry,
Roo Roo to You and Yours,

How Sam Sees It said...

A ten year old coat will never do. Although, it is wonderful that you still fit into clothes you wore as a mere pup!