Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Good behaviour

See this gold star? Gail says I can put this at the top of my blog because I was so well behaved today at the vet. Why she imagines that I might care about some silly symbol is quite beyond me, but, you know, humans, you sometimes just have to humour them....

Far more relevant, from my point of view is that Lily, the nice Irish lady vet, gave me some delicious treats after she'd stood me on her table and poked around my foot, my ears and my tummy. She rubbed my ears a lot, which I like, and was all round very agreeable.

And I am feeling a whole lot better now. Gail's more cheerful too, and it seems we have a new addition to the household. Naomi, the American girl, arrived last night with some very large bags and has made herself at home in the spare bedroom. I haven't had a proper chance to check out all her stuff. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, Gail forgets to give visitors the food security briefing. Hope springs eternal!

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