Friday, 5 September 2008

Still paw-ly

You see, at least I'm not too under the weather to make an atrocious pun! I'm trying hard because I know Gail has been doing her best to keep me cheerful these last few days.

She took me into the University today and I had a little stroll/hop around the Cruickshank Botanical Gardens. Lots and lots of exotic trees to sniff there, and, I might say, Gail, those borders are better kept than at 3 Devanha Gardens South, aren't they? But before long the walking got too much; I came over all shaky and was really hurt when one of Gail's fellow researchers accused me of "milking it a bit" when she saw me being carried back to the car. Huh! My foot is still very sore you know.

Keeping it positive, we had some lovely visitors this week, Yit and Stephanie. Gail says they're from St Andrews but they didn't look or sound like Fifers to me. Yit performed sterling duty in the tummy ticking department, and that definitely cheered me up.

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