Saturday 31 January 2009

A record

Five walks. In one day. That's what I had earlier this week. Feeling jealous, fellow canines?

Let me explain how this came about. 

Normally, weekdays, I'm taken out just twice, first for a short post-breakfast stroll round the block, and later when Gail's finished 'work' for the day we go a bit further, to the park if I'm lucky. There's a break in the routine on Tuesdays, when the second walk is delegated to young neighbour Aaron. 

Well, this Tuesday, extra walk number one came mid-afternoon, admittedly at a cost, a visit to the vet (who poked me around a bit but didn't do anything too nasty). Then, after Aaron took me out, a visitor arrived and she and  Gail disappeared off for the evening, leaving me home alone. So when Naomi came in, I kicked up a big fuss about being all neglected and guess what, she fell for it, reached for the lead, and out we went again.  Gail and visitor came back half an hour later and, Naomi having retired to her room for the evening, I pulled the same 'neglected' stunt and so achieved a record-breaking five outings. 

Any ideas out there on how to improve on this?


Stella said...

Oh such a greedy boy you are, Hamish! If I got three walks a day, I would jump for joy! And you want to know how to get more than five. I suppose the only answer is to keep using "that look", but who knows how long that will last. Good luck!


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Hi Hamish... nice to meet you, we clicked from Stella's blog :o)
We live quite close to you....Forres....and we were at a show near Aberdeen last week!
Lucky you getting five(!) walks in one day :o)
Slobbers, from some Beagles xx

Samantha: said...

Hi There! Sounds like a winning day to me. If I want something and my mom is, say, typing something, I "Nose up" on her wrist and squeek a little. If that doesn't work, repeat until getting said desire. See if you get any results from this method.
Love and Licks,

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

Wow! How lucky is that!