Sunday, 16 August 2009

A harbour, a memorial, a castle and a Scottish culinary mecca..

You know, one of the great things about having a blog is that it encourages Gail to take me out on walks to interesting places once in a while. 

The downside, of course, is that she always takes a camera and pushes me around, trying to get me to pose, usually in the one place where there is nothing interesting to sniff. 

Oh well.

Today, we drove fifteen miles south to Stonehaven and started the walk at the harbour. We followed the sign to Dunnottar Castle. One and a half miles! Would I make it on such a hot day? (21 degrees Centrigrade, that's 70 degrees Fahrenheit in American money).

On the first hill you get a nice view back down over all the boats. 

Then it's along the coast to the War Memorial. Would I find a way through the gate? 

Yes I did. Of course. Up at the memorial, Gail told me to think of all those brave men who fought and died in the two World Wars so we could enjoy our freedoms today. And I pretended to do that....(but really was wondering about the dogs that had been there before me, and making sure that I left my mark too).

After the war memorial, Gail made me pose by some thistles. Something to do with trying to make me look stereotypically Scottish I think. As if being a Westie called Hamish wasn't enough.....

Then the castle came into view. Even I can see that it's a rather spectacular spot.

The rabbit droppings looked interesting too...

Oh. Gail is telling me that readers won't want to see a picture of rabbit droppings. But you do, don't you? Go on, please write and tell me. Prove me right and Miss "smarty-pants-know-it-all-just-passed-her-viva-for-her-PhD-thingy" wrong....

So, on to the castle. Impressive eh?

Even better, dogs are allowed inside. And at no extra charge.

OK, it does say we have to be on a lead.

But we didn't see anything that said the other end of the lead has to be attached to a human...

I got to explore the castle inside and out. It's hundreds of years old and so has lots of  history. No I'm not going to explain it all Gail, haven't readers heard of Google or Wikipedia! I will say I wasn't too impressed with the interior furnishings. No comfy sofas in the olden days, I note. 

And the kitchen was a bit disappointing too. 

It seemed a long, long way back to Stonehaven. 

I was hot, tired and a bit shaky, and so greatly relieved when the harbour came into view again.

We finished off the day with a stop at a place that is very dear to the hearts of Scottish gourmets (Gail says I mean BAD FOR the hearts of...etc). 

PS Many of you have been asking about my itchy skin. It's much better, thank you. We don't know if it was the steroids that did the trick or dear Asta's porridge and Talisker bath...


Oreo said...

Looks like quite a adventure that you were on Hamish. oh, yah,...... like the rabbit droppings ROFL

Stella said...

Hi Hamish, first off, did Gail indulge in the deep fried Mars bar? That is definitely of interest. As for the rabbit droppings, a photo of them is no good unless you can get the smell.
Now I do love History so I shall take your advice and Google for the castle. How great that you could go right in. Scotland seems like a wonderful place for pups, since you can also ride on the trains!

A beautiful days romp for you and Gail!


the magic sleigh said...

Woos! What a neat place to go visit. There are very few places here that allow dogs in so you are lucky you get to do stuff like that. (And by the way, 70 is not hot, that would be winter here....bol)
I would like the rabbit droppings too, yummy!
-Kira The BeaWootiful

Martha said...

Hi Hamish
That looked like a very beautiful place - we have never been to Stonehaven. We liked the look of that old castle - pity about the furnishings or indeed lack of them.
We appreciate you would have been looking for a bit of comfort after you long walk!
Of course, being dogs. we are very interested in rabbit droppings.
Without upsetting Gail or indeed our own humans we would say more so than historic buildings!
You looked very handsome indeed in your photo shoot Hamish - we trust you didn't overdo it!
We note that Gail still does not have you in a rucksack for the uphill bits.
We would have loved the fish and chips too - apparently not as bad for you as all the other takeaway food so perhaps you will find some comfort in that.
Thank you for sharing your day with us - we finally made it out to Mugdock - the west does not seem to be doing so well with the weather as the east coast.
Martha & Bailey xxx

ScrapsofMe said...

Yes! A picture of the rabbit droppings would be good...a picture of you chasing said rabbit even better! That was a longish walk for your short leggies. Did she bring a mid-walk snackie for you? You hafta keep your strength up during such a walkie...keeps the low sugar tremblies at bay. Specially since you didn't get a fresh rabbit snack. Quick question, did that culinary mecca have deep fried pizza? The Mr. says that is Scotlands best kept secret.


Maxmom said...

Dearest Hamish
You are soo lucky that canines are given the respect they deserve and are allowed into these amazing sites! But I suppose, with dogs like you, who wouldn't? Thank you for sharing that with us.
That harbour, the countryside, the thistles, the castle, the Mars bars: everything is soo CLEAN and pristine! We wish we could be there, but we'll have to suffice with what you share with us.
...and the rabbit droppings: Well, tell Mom that they provide good clues for more of her intriguing research!
Tons of licks

TwoSpecialWires said...

You KNOW we value the importance of rabbit droppings! We dedicated a whole blog post to scat. Remember? But we totally understand the humines tendency to delve into history, to insist that we pose (in the most awkward and disinteresting places, at times), and to perceive things from THEIR angle. (Now, when it comes to food. we'd have to say we are usually on the same page.)

We are soooo happy to be back reading your posts. We've missed you and our other UK friends. We are slowly slowly reading backwards and catching up.

We'll be back to read more. We're leaving your bloggie right here where we'll see it as soon as we return to the 'puter. We don't want to miss anything! Not even a little morsel.

And, by the way, we're trying to figure out when to make a trip to visit. Martha informed us that tea and scones are served at 3:00. We'll be there, one way or another, someday.

Luv ya, Hamish.
Jake and Fergi

Eric said...

Hamish. The castle, the harbour, the views, the giant thistles were all magnificent to look at. But please inform Gail. Not quite as interesting as the rabbits poopies. Did you mange to savour the flavour?

Still nice of Gail to take you on that pretty and perfect walk. The castle looked interesting even though it lacked the homely touches and an in residence doggie. Our bloggies certainly get those leggeds out and about. Goodness me what would they do without them? No exercise and eat deep fried Mars Bars all day I day say.

Now rest those wee leggeds of yours Hamish. And take a tot with your bedtime snack.

Wiry wags n kisses Eric xx

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

We're so glad that Gail feels like she has to take you on adventurous trips. We get to see part of Scotland through your eyes.

Our Dad would be all over those thistles. Even though we tell him that it's OUR national flower, he battles with them all summer long trying to keep them at bay on the farm.

Glad to hear the itchies are better.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

The Black and Tans. said...

Hamish we think exploring castles is great fun too. One of our favourite walks when we are on holiday in Northumberland is walking up to Dunstanburgh and having a good sniff is all part of the enjoyment.

Rabbit dropppings to a dog are like deep fried Mars bars to a hooman.

Molly, Taffy and Monty

Asta said...

I think I want to move to Scotland..I mean aside fwom you living thewe, it obviously is bootiful, and has the pawfect tempewatoowe..I'm melting hewe..NYC in AUG is Yucky!!!!!!!!!
Wabbit dwoppings you say?
Of couwse we want to see them..I've nevew tasted them, but I heaw they awe like M&Ms
I'm so glad that youw skin is bettew!
smoochie kisses

Jake of Florida said...

Fried Mars bars???? In Scotland??? Did my "mince pies' (to quote Eric) deceive me?

Oh dearie me, I feel the need for a wee dram.

Thank you for such a lovely tour of Scottish sites (sights). We enjoy seeing places from your perspective. But we think that's a lot of walking for a Westie's short legs. You must need a wee dram yourself.

And thank you for your concern about our being stepped on. Actually, it's usually Mom who steps on one of us in the middle of the night when she steps out of bed and finds something soft sticking half under and half out of the bed.

Wirey woofs,

Jake (and JH)

Simply Simon said...

Hello Hamish

What a lovely trip...mmmm cameras and mums, they do seem to go together!

Rabbit droppings sound good to me...come join me on a ramble on the droppings, geese droppings, rolling in the horse manure is good but the sheep droppings send me into orbit...never sure whether to roll or run!

Have fun!

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

I like rabbit poo. I have some in my back yard. I have now learned that Scottish rabbit poo looks just like American rabbit poo. That is an important fact to me.
so there.
your pal, Morgan

Angus said...

It makes us quite homesick to see the place in the sun