Friday 12 February 2010

Sometimes a little flute music helps an old dog relax...


Byron said...

That look great Hamish. I could just snuggle right in there beside you. There's room.

Licks and slobbers,

Maxmom said...

Tender, gentle and very touching!

How Sam Sees It said...

You look so cuddly!


the magic sleigh said...

Wooos Hamish..I think i feel a nap coming on now, I could just lay there down beside woo....and zzzzzzzz
-Kira The BeaWootiful

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I'm smiling.

Angus said...

Looks like Hamish has fourteen years of happy memories to dream about.

Scooter said...

Oh HAmish
That was so pretty and you are so comfy, that I would like tohop right up there and snooze right with ya!!

yawning,,aawwhhhhhiinngg here

Stella said...

Me, too, I would love a snooze with you Hamish!


Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

Pretty music Hamish, you look furry comfy!!

Unknown said...

Hamish - just think needed a new red jacket, you told me...poof! You've got a fantastic new red jacket with your name on it! So if it's a bike basket you her "Petey sent me!"


Your pal,


Martha said...

Hamish, that was just beautiful - no wonder you were so relaxed!
Nice to see you taking it easy.
Have a good weekend.
Martha & Bailey xxx

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Oh Hamish,
You look very comfy.
Sally Ann

Eric said...

Hamish. Ahh. All cosy, comfy in the land of nod. The Squares play me a Joanne Shenandoah CD to calm my cracker dogs. Don't realise there is nothing like a good long snooze to revive the inner terriers.

Sleep well. Sweet dreams.

Wiry wags Eric x

Two French Bulldogs said...

AAhhhh Hamish. You are so cute!
Benny & Lily

Joy said...

Just think, this clip will be even more precious since little Hamish has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.