Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Baytree House B&B, Kirkcudbright

Back in Aberdeen now, and not impressed with the weather. You can usually rely on it being nice and chilly here, but not today. I spent most of the afternoon hidden in bushes, trying not to overheat. Where was the haar when I needed it most?

No complaints about the temperatures on holiday last week though. Cool, windy, damp, just how I like it. And no complaints about the accommodation either. Can I in particular recommend to other Westies the Baytree House B&B in Kirkcudbright? (http://www.baytreekirkcudbright.co.uk/). You can be sure of a warm welcome there - nice big rooms, a garden with lots of interesting corners to explore, friendly, relaxed owners. The breakfasts smelled great and the morsel of sausage I was offered was really tasty, though as usual too small. I even wangled my way into the kitchen and if Gail hadn't intervened I'm sure my cute begging stunt would have yielded positive results.

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