Friday 11 July 2008

Hello folks. I'm Hamish, a Westie aged twelve and a half. I live in Aberdeen and now that I've been retired from scampering up Munros with my owner Gail, due to a dicky heart (mine not hers) I've decided to take up blogging. It's the first time I've had a go at this, so let's hope the 'old dog new tricks' thing won't apply.

Let me start by telling you a bit about my life here. You know I once heard Gail's American friend Marse (a very nice lady of who more in later posts I'm sure) say that if she were a Buddhist she'd want to be re-incarnated as Gail's dog, i.e. me. Why? Well the way she saw it, my life consisted of being taken for long walks in the beautiful Scottish countryside, being fed twice a day (plus the odd tasty titbit) and otherwise lying around on the sofa having my tummy tickled.

Yes well, lady Marse, I can tell you, it's not always like that! Take yesterday for example. I get dragged out of bed at some ungodly hour and taken for a VERY short stroll around the hard grey granite streets in the pouring rain. I'm not even allowed a few seconds to stretch up and sniff the fragrant rear end of my stunning neighbour, the sleek silver greyhound Marcelle. And then I'm left alone all day in the house as Aaron, the kind young lad who often takes me out in the afternoon, is away at scout camp. At least I can get out through the dog flap and into the back garden, where I have some ongoing excavation projects to keep me occupied....


Maxmom said...

Hamish and Gail
Friday 19th February 2010
I didn't know you when you started this blog, but I've got to know you in the past year. I enjoyed reading your very first post as much as I have enjoyed every one of your posts.
Now that Hamish has gone across the rainbow bridge, I want you to know how really special you have been in our lives!
Gail...thank you for sharing your dear little dog with us all.
We are going to miss him very much indeed. Please don't stop blogging...we can't bare the thought of losing you too.
With love

Maxmom said...

Hey I'm back re-read your awesome first post.
What a legend Hamish was/is....I miss him so much - as I'm sure you do too.
Gail, it seems that the battle is on: "Who is the best home to return to as a reincarnated dog"? :) I must admit, yours is a pretty good option!