Saturday, 19 July 2008

Westie Heaven in Auchterarder

I'm just back from a week's holiday in Dumfries and Galloway. More on all that later, but I do right away want to sing the praises of a wonderful delicatessen in Auchterarder. Gail stopped there for a break on the drive south. We've visited this town before, and frankly I hadn't found it much fun. A long straight street, no parks, no streams or woods, no opportunities to roam free.

So I wasn't that thrilled when Gail tied me up outside a shop with Australian flags hanging in the window and a nice smell of chocolate coming from inside. Fat chance of me getting offered any chocolate - Gail has this misguided idea that it's "bad for me". She goes in and orders an ice-cream, exchanges pleasantries with the Aussie shop assistant, and when I decide to remind her that I'm still outside and bored she just calls out 'oh shut up Hamish'. More words are exchanged, I hear my name mentioned and then out troops Gail with a big ice-cream cone in one hand and in the other a miniature version of the same which she offers to me. A little present from the shop apparently. Wow! Absolutely scrumptious. I'll never again be rude about Australians (cattle dogs excepted).

Just one suggestion for next time Gail. I'll take the big cone and you can have the little one.

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