Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A small operation

Well I had a horrid day today.

I suspected something was up when I wasn't given any breakfast. Ditto when, only a few minutes after we'd returned from the usual morning walk, Gail reached again for my lead. Experience has taught me that you don't just get one walk followed by another, for no reason. Life is not so kind.

It took me a few moments to twig that we were headed to the new vet (I haven't been often enough yet to memorise the route). Once there, Gail abandoned me.

What happened next is all a bit of a blur. Someone stuck a needle in my right front leg. Ouch! Then I fell asleep and woke up later with a sore throat and feeling really groggy. What on earth happened? And why? Please someone explain.

I panicked a bit, until Gail came to collect me. Now I'm back home, in need of cuddles, a point best made, I find, by lying at Gail's feet and whining piteously until she stops tapping away at her computer keyboard and pays me some attention.

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