Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Well everyone else seemed to be having a good time round at Margaret's house on Tuesday night.

Yes I saw them all, tucking into chocolate cake and cream. And giving Gail some delicious smelling presents - biscuits, more cake, wine etc.

But what about me? Was I offered anything? No I was not. Not even the little treat I'm normally given when I arrive. I guess Margaret was just too busy rushing around putting candles on the cake, whipping the cream, making the coffee. Later when all the ladies were having fun playing some stupid German game, I decided to conduct my own personal treasure hunt, only to draw a disappointing blank. Can you believe, not even a single scrap of meat in the kitchen bin? I checked very thoroughly.

I finally figured out it was Gail's birthday. I kept hearing comments about reaching a half century.

One of the ladies (Sandra - nice to see her again) gave Gail a card that read "Ein Leben ohne Kuchen ist moglich. Aber sinnlos".

Well quite. That applies to dogs too you know. I'm still sulking.

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