Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I'm depressed. Look at these pictures. Where would you rather go for walk? Not difficult is it?

Like many other dogs in this area, I love running around on the beach at Balmedie. Even more fun is exploring the amazing dunes. So huge I've even seen kids sledging down them when winter snows arrive. So unspoilt, so much space and freedom.

Now all this is soon to be ruined. A nasty American called Donald Trump is going to build hundreds and hundreds of houses, a ginormous hotel and a 'world class' golf course right by where I'm standing. That's one of his hotels, top right. (Gail helped me find the picture on the internet. We both felt a bit sleazy typing the words 'Donald Trump' into Google).

To me, a 'world class golf course' would be one that encourages dogs to run around and bark at the men in funny slacks. Somehow I don't think that's what Mr Trump has in mind. More like lots of notices saying 'Any dogs straying within a five mile radius will be shot' I suspect.

Yes it's really rubbish news. Maybe a property market crash can save us, now that Alex Salmond and Co. have caved in to the demands of the loathsome tycoon. If not, then I hope all the golf balls blow out to the North Sea and the players get lost in the haar.

By the way, Mr Trump, can I recommend a hairdresser? That thing on your head. Is it road kill? It looks even worse than when Gail did a DIY job on yours truly. Hazel, now of Grooming Pawfection, could sort you out I'm sure, next time you come to Aberdeen

P.S. American friends. It's your election day. Remember my post of 5th October. Bark for Barack.

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