Monday, 15 December 2008

A new regime

I was right. I knew it. Gail's gone away, and I've been left in the care of Naomi, the lodger.

Slowly, I'm licking her into shape. (Metaphorically, that is, not literally. Don't want readers to think I'm the sort of dog that slobbers all over people, I'm not). Naomi does seem to have some different ideas to Gail when it come to walks, bedtime, rights to sit on furniture etc. But it's OK, we rub along just fine. 

I think Gail's taken her new toy with her, that shiny little computer she calls 'McBook' or somesuch. I'm beginning to think she's more interested in that thing than me at the moment. Oh well, I guess she'll get over it. I'm confident I have more enduring appeal. 

And I'm sure Gail's missing me, I can feel it. 

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