Monday 22 December 2008

The wanderer returns

Apparently San Francisco is a Westie-free zone. Quite why, then, Gail would want to spend nearly two weeks there is a mystery. But that's where she's been it seems.

She returned last night, equipped with a whole series of frankly lame excuses for not bearing gifts. For example:

"My bag's still stuck in Terminal 5"
"I went to the 'Best in Show' pet shop in Castro, but they'd sold out of George Bush doggie chews"
"All the dog coats were designed for chihuahaus"
"You can't bring meat in through customs"

But I know the truth. She spent all her money on food. For herself. As usual.

At least some people do buy me presents. That nice lady Diane at the German class sent a handy little towel, small enough to put in a pocket. So no excuses now Gail for not drying me off properly after we've been out walking in the rain. 

Which reminds me. Gail! Isn't it time for a walk in the park? Woof woof.......

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