Monday, 2 February 2009

Moral support

It's a Monday morning. This is me in the study providing moral support for Gail as she begins another week of writing up her PhD thesis. I've offered to help her with one section, the acknowledgments. For example, she could say:

"Above all I would like to thank my faithful friend Hamish, who has provided such steadfast encouragement throughout the process. Without his help, both at home and in the field (and even occasionally in the lab, but shhh don't tell anyone) this thesis would not have been possible. In recognition of this I award him a lifelong supply of lamb bones, fried liver, cheese, cake, and whatsoever additional treats he may desire, at all times, and at his convenience."

That's the sort of thing people write, isn't it?


Stella said...

It is certainly the thing I would write, Hamish, if anyone should ask me to write. Did Gail ask you to write it? Very, very nice.


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Ha! Keep up the good work Hamish :o) MMmmm, fried liver...oh stop...oh....too late.. *drools*
Thanks for signing our guest book, we've put you in our blog roll, hope that's ok?
As for nice walks along the A96....there are loads, Nairn Beach for a start is lovely, so's the river!! Too many to write in a comment but feel free to email us ;o) and we'll let you in on them!
Slobbers, oh little white dude xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Hamish! We are new to your lovely blog!
We thinks Gail should put you in her thesis, you is very important!!
Come check out our blog if you have time!
Scott and the Gang xxx

Twinkle a.k.a Chicken Little said...

Hu Hamish, Im Twinkle. Nice blog u has, can I link to your blog??

slurpy licks,