Sunday 22 February 2009

New Zealand?

Oh dear! It seems that Naomi has gone for good.

Of course, it hadn't escaped my notice that she was packing her suitcase. So I was a bit worried. But it only occurred to me after a few days and a thorough inspection of her bedroom, that all her stuff has disappeared, which doesn't normally happen if someone's just away on a short holiday.

Gail has now explained to me that Naomi's moved to somewhere called 'New Zealand'. Now my geography goes a bit fuzzy south of Hadrian's Wall, but Gail showed me where it is in the atlas. Apparently New Zealand is about as far away from Scotland as you can travel, without being an astronaut. Well I'll try not to take it personally. 

I did like Naomi, despite her stern line on the cheese-treats issue.  I hope Gail finds another lodger who's as good at locating the areas where I like best to be stroked.

I wonder what New Zealand smells like. I do love to travel. Can you get there by train? Maybe one day we'll go there to visit......


Stella said...

New Zealand is a place we want to go ourselfs, but since it is an 18 hour airplane ride for us, it just isn't likely. I think its surrounded by water, so a train isn't likely either.

Maybe the library will have a travel to New Z DVD..


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Hamish....we've heard it's just like Scotland but more sheep and a bit warmer....personally we'd rather see for ourselves. If you do decide to embark on an epic adventure....can we be a Beagle to your Darwin?
Slobbers xx

Hamish Westie said...

Hi Beagles
Thanks for your offer. Perhaps we could write a new book together 'The Voyage of the Westie and Beagles'.
Cheers, H.
P.S. New Zealand doesn't get a good press in Darwin's original book!

Life With Dogs said...

It's supposed to be awesome, get a ticket if you can! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Hamish!

I noticed your post over on the Dughallmor Beagles blog (I have a bit of a crush on young Rosie.) Anyhow, I'm a Scots lad too - an oversize Cairn terrier living in New York City. I don't see too many of my cousins on the blogs, all crowded with Wire Fox Terriers and Airedales, so I have to connect with a wee cousin when I can. My human Granny is from Elgin and all of her relatives are from there and Inverness, so we have a soft spot for all things Scottish. (Except for haggis - Mommy thinks it's vile but I can't imagine anything more delicious!)

Come visit sometime!

Your pal,


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Hi there Hamish!

I saw your comment on Petey's blog so I called over to introduce myself, a fellow Scots Dog!

My human bruv used to live in Aberdeen, he worked in the J D Weatherspoons pub on Union Street for a few years, he was a student at the Uni there. I have run on the beach there many times!!

New Zealand is a long way away, my Ma is going to Australia, which is nearby, in a month's time, I'll see if she will agree to packing you in her suitcase!

We live nearer Edinburgh.

Nice to meet you. lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxx

ps I hope you call over to visit me some time in the blogosphere!

Unknown said...

Hamish, I was just reading some of your past posts and noticed that we both did posts on Charles Darwin in honor of his birthday. In fact, I think we both used the same photo!

We cousins must stick together!

Glad to see Marvin came calling, he's a wonderful fella.

Your pal,