Monday 9 February 2009

Sore paws again

Ow! Frozen slush is very hard on the paws.

Gail says I've got to be brave because I'm a Scotsdog. Apparently I shouldn't even be noticing that we still have lots of snow on Devanha Gardens and it's several degrees below zero just at the moment. Gail's just been down to London where they're all making a big fuss after a recent snowfall, but that's only acceptable if you're a Southerner. And it is true that some human Aberdonians (the less evolved ones) are still to be found wandering around Union Street late at night in miniskirts and crop tops, exposing acres of white, goose-pimpled flesh, seemingly oblivious to the cold.

Well anyway I'm going to make a fuss too. My poor sensitive feet are all sore, and so although I want to go out (as ever), I have to be given time to tread carefully and find a route where the snow's soft and there's no danger of encountering those nasty, stinging salty bits.

Can anyone recommend some nice furry boots suitable for Westies? Red would be best, to go with my coat.


Stella said...

You know, Hamish, the sled dogs of the North require boots to protect their feet over long miles of pulling a heavy sled. So if you want to on-line shop you could find a Sled Dog Supplier for your red boots.
Or you could just do like me, toughen your feet up on the walks and get stronger about it. Bear it, in other words!


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Awww Hamish, your poor tootsies! Nala (NWRidgeback) has some cool boots, though she doesn't think they're too cool!
Haha, we get those tartan-skinned girls here too!
Slobbers xx