Wednesday 29 April 2009


Have you seen my Sheltie pal Ludo van Doggy's latest post (Tricky T-day)? Do go and have a look. There are two short videos, both showing Ludo’s excellent progress in his training programme.

Now Gail and I both absolutely adore Ludo’s blog, he’s such a fine and amusing fellow, but I can’t deny that this particular post has caused a degree of friction chez nous.

I see Gail watching Ludo learn all those tricks, dancing on a biscuit tin and so forth, and I overhear her saying to a friend, he’s so clever, that Sheltie, why can’t Hamish do that? And she looks at me like she thinks I’m a bit stupid and inadequate.  

I’d be hurt if I wasn’t so mad! I just can’t seem to get my point across, that we Westies don’t go in for tricks and stuff precisely because we are so smart!  Any student of history can see that unquestioning obedience leads to all sorts of bad things happening in this world. Independence of mind and an enquiring attitude are traits to be valued, and Westies can teach humans a thing or two in this area. Yes Gail, that even means humans who’ve just submitted their PhD theses!


Not that I'm jealous or anything.....


the magic sleigh said...

Poor Hamish. Mommy needs to be trained herself, like I have done with my Mommy. She is an obedience trainer at night, and she originally thought that she could train me, a Siberian to do things that golden and shelties do. Hah! I trained her to understand that it does not work that way. Last class we has a westie puppy, Mommy loved it and tried to explain the his human that westies are different too!
-Kira The BeaWootiful

Martha said...

We adore Ludo and think he is very clever but we totally agree with you!
Not every dog is going to do obedience - we bassets are also independent thinkers!
There are some who would describe us as 'stubborn' although we would never agree with that description.
Indeed this was the very word that appears to have led to Bailey being rehomed!!
Well why would you get a basset or indeed a westie if you wanted an obedient dog.
Humans should do their research. We are surprised that someone as clever as Gail, after all not everyone does a PhD, could get that so wrong!
By the way you ae pretty cute and intelligent yourself!
Did you notice Ludo's mum is very patient and able to walk in synch - well our mum would, (and in fact has) just fall over us!!
Remember Hamish to thine own self be true!!
Oh we are so well suited Hamish.
Martha & Bailey xx

Stella said...

Of course you are not jealous, Hamish, just stating a fact of life! You are a cute dog, and people seem to think that any cute dog will do cute things. Nah, not a bit!
I can sit and walk fairly well on a leash, but thats as far as I am going.


Penny said...

You've got a good point there Hamish! Yes I have to say welldone to Ludo but as you say yourself not all breed of dog are like that especialy not us westies as far as obediance goes with me is...................well out the window! Im not even aloud out without a leash,ok maybe I do chase cars,cyclists,birds,cats and well a few other things and dont come back when Im called but a dog has gotta do these things,Right? Dont be jealous my cute little fuzzy,fellow friend were all in the same boat,well at least us westies anyway!
Lots of sloppy licks,your dearist pal,Penny!=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]

Nibbles Treats said...

Hi! Nice to meet you! We don't get the whole obedience thing either. We are quite independent. No tricks up our sleeves!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

BOL Hamish! How mean of Gail to expect you to do things. The truth be that as with lots of herding type doggies who isn't doing what we apposed to be I get very bored easily and if I not doing things to amuse my brain at least once a day I become what Mum calls a 'pain in the' - oh, she say I not allowed to say that last word. I bark at her and Auntie Penny and annoy the rabbits and want toys thrown all them time every minute of the day. etc, etc. And do this:

Mum says who be the most intelligent there, the dogs what can amuse themselves or the ones that need amusing? hm, is she suggesting it not me!!
~lickies, Ludo

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

That Ludo sure is talented. But, you have other talents Hamish! For a fact, I know you can sit and look very handsome. You also are a very good dancer. And now I'm told you even know how to wear a kilt properly! No need for jealousy.

Hamish dude!Terriers need to stick together.There are a few who have succeeded in agility and obedience (like Ludwig from Poland and Ruby from DownUnder)but I like to think of us as free spirits! Chin up!

TwoSpecialWires said...

We think you're brilliant, and we're sticking with ya, Bud. :)))

From more terrier free spirits, no... free terrier spirits, no... free spirits that are terriers, too!

Jake and Fergi

Lucia said...

Ciao bello Hamish!

Most terriers, I think, like to train their hoomans. For instance, I, Lucia, have trained la mia ragazza to give treats on command. I only have to sit quietly by her side and glance up sweetly. She is so overjoyed at the (rare) sight of my calm self that -- presto! -- treat!

Tanti baci!

PeeEss: Loved your "paditch" comment on Martha and Bailey's bloggie ... priceless!

Penny said...

WOW Hamish thanks for that AMAZING advice its much appreciated! Glad you worked your way around Gail!Im oing to put those tips to use as soon as possible! I have already tryed the security neighbourhood watch from the back of the sofa and well each time I get different reactions sometimes its 'Good doggie Penny' and a pat on the head and possibly a treat but other times its 'Bad dog Penny,Ive only just claned the sofa from all your hairs!'(not my fault I shed sometimes) and sometimes even a slap across the bottom,Unfair! As or getting up on the beds,well sometimes when I get too comfy I tend to..........Leek! Or as you said yourself after rolling in some 'interesting' stuff,that what gets me banned,Strictly!
Anyway I must go and attempt again! Lots of sloppy licks,your dear pal,Penny.=]=]=]=]=]=]=]

Asta said...

Evewyone knows Tewwiews awe too independent thinking to do simple twicks..I'm suwe you could mowe that do thm if you felt like it, but why show off, heheh
smoochie kisses

The Black and Tans. said...

Hello Hamish.

We are Molly and Taffy and we live a few hundred miles south of you!!!

Would you like to be our pal?

Molly and Taffy

Jake of Florida said...

Hey!!! We've never visited you before -- but reading about that scary word OBEDIENCE -- we had to stop by.

Let's see, by way of introduction, we're two wire fox terriers. That seems to be a long way of saying STUBBORN. INDEPENDENT. MIND OF OUR OWN. INCORRIGIBLE. Do those words ring a bell???


We don't know your Gail -- but we think she should rejoice in your INDIVIDUALITY!!!

Come visit!!! Or will we see you at Myrna and Gilbert's wedding tomorrow? (I, Jake, will be escorting the beautiful Ms. Gabbi D. and my brother, JH, will be dating Ms. Essex of the Key West Collies.)

Wirey woofs,

Jake and Just Harry, the Barkalot Boyz of South Florida.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

Hamish, Don't be jealous - we doubt that Ludo can go down a rat hole and catch the vermin!! We terriers are met to be effective, not cute - even though we are pretty cute most of the time, except when we bare out big teeth!! (Don't show yours to Ludo)

Have a great day.
Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Tee said...

Ludo's very clever no doubt. He impresses the humans - even the CHief ... but you'd be glad to note that we at Dog Woods have our own canine ways of getting things done ... hehehe.

Licks and wags

Tuffy and the Dog WOods Pack

karensbrae said...

Hamish please tell your mum that terriers are working vermin hunters, although they can be obedient it is on their terms, food always helps. We are sure that with help you could get mum trained in obedience!

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Umm....Hamish? Remember we have seen you doing a little jig for a treat? Perhaps if you embellished it a little, maybe a dded a twirl or two then Gail would be satisfied? Having said that....our Mum does alot of oohing and aahing while visiting Ludo von Smart-Alec!
(Just kidding Ludo, we're just jealous)
Slobbers xx