Thursday, 23 April 2009

The famous thesis

Is that it???

The famous PhD thesis. The one Gail's been working on for nearly three and a half years and finally submitted last Friday. I have to say I'm not impressed. 

Apparently someone will actually read it all the way through and then examine Gail on the contents. Between you and me, I very much doubt it! There are 230 pages and frankly it's not that interesting. I didn't spot anything at all about dogs, for example. 

Anyway, don't they just weigh these things and then decide? Well, Mr External Examiner, I can tell you that according to my careful assessment using the kitchen scales, the thesis weighs in at over 2 lb (some chihuahuas are lighter) so I recommend that it should pass.

Oh. I am told that not only am I missing the point but also that I am being ungrateful. That the only reason Gail ever agreed to help me with this blog was to alleviate the tedium of writing up the thesis. And also that, in line with my suggestions in an earlier post (although not in exactly the same words), my contribution to the work has been properly acknowledged. 

But what now then? Surely she's not going to stop helping me? Panic stations! 


Martha said...

Hi Hamish
We think that Gail will continue to do your bidding with the blog. After all how would she have got through her very lengthy thesis without you?
These human things are immensely stressful and it is only because of you that the thesis is finished.
We hope there is some reference to you contained within it - at the very least an acknowledgment of your role!
We will keep all our paws crossed for Gail.
Martha & Bailey xx

Nika + PARKER said...

Hamish, I am certain Gail will continue with helping you and this great blog. We also wish her all the best and congrats on completing the thesis. You should give her a big slobbery kiss for finishing it.

the magic sleigh said...

Hamish, now you know Mommy will do what is best for you. of course she will continue blogging,you have her trained now.
Tell mommy congrats on finishing the thesis, it is a great accomplishment that not many humans get to do. We are all proud of her.
-Kira The beaWootiful

Stella said...

You have done splendid work, Hamish, helping Gail get through her thesis. Should you maybe go with her for her examination? I almost think so.
She may have to do some traveling after, but perhaps one of the Dughallmor's could come up and give you a hand. Wish it could be me!


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Oh wow.....many congratulations to Gail....and good luck too!
Hamish, if Gail won't help you with your blog then you'll just have to hire help....something that we are seriously considering since our current help has been slacking off and neglecting our friends (we hear Aunt Martha is a whizz on the keyboard).
Anyway, we came over to tell you that we have an award for you....if you want it!
Slobbers and have a happy weekend, here's to good weather xx

Martha said...

Hi Hamish
No worries at all about the Award - we really do completely understand. I will check out the song for you - I know it is called Beautiful Day and I got it of You Tube - it just kinda fitted cos it was a really nice day and our mum was shouting at Bailey in the background who decided to start chewing the lovely azalea you can just see on the left hand side. They must taste nice to Bailey xx

Dughallmor Beagles said... dear man, there is nothing wrong with being big-headed....just ask Alfie!