Wednesday 4 November 2009

Advice on taking your human for a walk

Well, after visiting the RAF memorial on Saturday (previous post) I took Gail for a walk along the nearby cliffs, starting at Portsoy. 

As an old dog, with much experience of life, I have come to appreciate the importance of making sure your human enjoys the walk as much as you do. How better to guarantee that outings are frequent and rewarding? 

One key thing to understand, is that humans do have slightly different requirements from us dogs. 

One simply must recognize, for example, that in the homo sapiens species, the sense of smell is sadly very limited. Would you believe,  your owner might just about be able to tell that one of their kind has peed against a wall (it does happen) but they wouldn't have the faintest clue about the identity of the pee-er. Yes, really, pathetic, eh? But anyway, don't expect them to get all excited about sniffing trees and lampposts etc., it just isn't going to happen.

No, what a human likes is a Nice View. This can include historic buildings, such as in the old (17th century) harbour at Portsoy.
Or, with Gail, glimpses of the sea are also important (boring, I know). 
Strangely, she doesn't seem to enjoy romping across a nicy soft boggy patch of ground nearly as much as I do.
And I've NEVER  seen her rolling around in the mud for the sheer joy of it.....
It is probably a good idea, for long term harmony (Martha and Bailey Basset take note), to tolerate some picture taking during the walk, including misguided attempts at 'arty' shots....
I have also noticed - and in this we, Gail and I, are of one mind - that an eating opportunity at some point in the proceedings always goes down well. (I'm afraid that I failed on this score last Saturday).

But all in all, I think I managed to give her a good time. 

I wonder if my fellow canine bloggers have noticed any other odd things that humans like to do on their walks?


Asta said...

You awe such a thoughtful and obsewvant doggie, and so vewy considewate of Gail.
Hoomans weally awe pwetty limited by theiw sowely lacking senses. Thank dog we all can shawe in some of the fun(I'm amazed that they don't appweciate a good woll in some stincky stuff)
Mommi stops way too often when we awe doing the messages(gweat expwession, thank you) to talk to othew hoomans, but al in all I have twined hew pwetty well to have an enjoyable walk
One of my favowites is shawing foodables along the way, hehe
I think you awe pawfect, Hamish
smoochie kisses

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

Hi Hamish,

We have noticed that our Mom repeats the same word as we walk - it sounds like "heel" but we're too busy pulling her around to figure it out.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

the magic sleigh said...

Wooos Hamish! What a wise dog you are! I am much impressed on your pontifications of the human species. we could all learn a lot from woo! But I am tired of the flashy box, so I am joining the strike, so at least the humans will tone it down some, I mean I need a little privacy!
-Kira The BeaWootiful

Farley said...

Hamish, what you say is so true. This is excellent advice for helping the humans. We love the photos of your muddy happiness in the bog - so sweet :)

Scooter said...

I agree with the smelling, humans just cant do what we can do. On my blog is a book my mom saw and it talks about all the things we just know from sniffin.

You looked like you were having a grand time in the mud, so much that it makes me want to get muddy but Mom says NO!!!! :-(

And yah, they always like the views for some reason, mine are the same way!!

Tails wags

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh Hamish thank you for all those pointers. You know they are not as good as we are when it comes o real walks.
Benny & Lily

Stella said...

The thing my Mom loves to do is stop and chat up people she knows who walk past us. They get into all kinds of conversations and sometimes it lasts quite long, while it is of No Interest to me and I am out to WALK not TALK! I will give her a tug or three on the leash to remind her what she is doing that is more important.
Do you have this problem, Hamish? By the way, I loved this post, very nice indeed.

Stella, who adores you right back!

Martha said...

Hi Hamish,
We are very impressed by your consideration of Gail's needs when out for a walk.
Our humans are the same - they love a view - particularly of the sea!
This appears to 'relax' them and reminds them the world is much bigger and longer lasting than they are!
How weird is that! There isn't a lamppost in sight at the sea!
We just loved your pictures especially the super cute one of your rolling!
We are still in talks re the treats but we take the point of an older, wiser dog - keep em sweet!
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx
ps we hope you are not all rained out up there - we are having non stop rain!!! Apparently worse in the NE - we immediately thought of you and the DB's - take care.

Eric said...

Hamish. You are so wise, I do love reading your posts.Never thought of making the leggeds happy on MY walkies - just being with me should be enough. No? Maybe not then. You know mine have been known to admire OTHER dogs, even TALK to them on my walks. Really not playing the game are they Hamish? Shall I send them back for refund?

Wiry wags n kisses Eric xxx

ScrapsofMe said...

Hi Hamish!

HER idea of a good walkie is with me tucked up next to her as she steps out for like a mile or two. No sniffing, no peemailing, just put yer butt in gear and GO. When she gets to her destination, she stops for about 5 or 10 minutes and lets me sniff about and pant like crazy. Sometimes we have water depending on the distance. Sometimes there is a view. And maybe a photo. To her, it's EXERCISE.

If the Mr. takes me for a walkie, he likes to stop and yak with all the neighbors. I snif about, then get bored, and finally plop down with a big ole sigh. He doesn't go very far though. He actually prefers to take me to the dog park so I can run off leash and he can read the paper.

Now, if I were in charge of walkies, there would be NO LEASH and I could zoom up and back and side to side and chase critters and roll in stuff. I'd hang out in the general vicinity, but only when I wanted to come back and check in. Total freedom!

Puffers says he used to have great walkies. They'd drive to this area of town where there were cafes and galleries and they'd STROLL (whatever that is) and look at stuff and visit people and stop at cafes and have snackies. I think he lies.

Here's to great walkies!

Maxmom said...

we think you are the master at walking with humans....and most patient too. We appreciate your encouragement to get your human to take a mud bath (The idea makes my mom giggle!). And I must tell you - you are totally correct in one of your comments on my blog - Mom has tried to convert me into a lap dog! She has this totally misguided idea about my size! But you know...I'll do anything for a treat. THanks for the pawesome photographs again...I love to watch my mom drool.
(ps I would appreciate it if you would stop alligning yourself with Toffee. Thanks.) ;)

TwoSpecialWires said...

Hamish. You are so wise. And so observant. And can analyze and summarize things so well (thank you for your advice, BTW). You've pretty well summed up what we've noticed on walks. With the only exception being that the people seem to often stop to notice the tiniest little details of things they see, but rarely hunt for the things that might be hidden underneath (unless they are mushroom hunting, and then it's a different story.) Must go back to that sadly lacking sense of smell.

Poor things.
Jake and Fergi xxoo