Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Dog in a flap (literally)

Is there some sort of a group you can join, to protest against invasion of privacy and so forth? 

You know that it's been cold outside (less so now). And that my paws hurt. And that I have an aging bladder. 

Well, strictly between ourselves, and because of all the above, I've been pretending I can't get out through the dog flap and into the garden any longer. After all, it's so much easier to use the indoor facilities......

Can you believe Gail had the cheek to sneak into our conservatory (if that's what you call a room with lots of windows and a couple of dead plants...) and film this short video? 
And is now calling me a fraud........


Stella said...

Hmmmm, Hamish, it seems as if she knows what you are up to. Do you need some dog shoes to wear to protect your feeties? We could find you some if you would wear them and resume your business outside.

Must stay on the up and up now, mustn't we, Hamish?


DSS said...

Oops! Hamish...for shame. You've been found out :)

My little Louis isn't liking the cold much at all, and has found a secret spot in the corner of the kitchen. I will have to show him your video to remind him that we humans are quite clever and will get to the bottom of it all eventually!

Martha said...

Well Hamish, you did appear to come in with great ease!
It is cold though for you and we think Gail should look at setting you up with an inside loo.
After all Lorenza has one!
Our mum was very impressed with how clean your conservatory floor was!
She is saying that this year lots of her plants in the conservatory have died.
It has been so cold. She leaves the plants in there and they have been fine over ten years but this year, sadly, quite a few have not survived.
Now clearly if the sub zero temperatures can do this to the plants then an older dog has to be careful!!!
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxxx

Angus said...

Oh Hamish. At least it's quite understandable that senior gentlemen should be allowed indoor comfort facilities.

Martha said...

Hi Hamish, we just read your comment and agree that is a good verse.
It is a great poem, so full of wisdom and knowledge - of course only us dogs have this all sussed out.
These humans have too many distractions and they forget what is important.
We are sorry that you are living with an English woman but our mum had an English mother and a Scottish father - she never acquired the taste for haggis - her father always put this down to the English influence......
Martha & bailey xxx

ScrapsofMe said...

Puffers says you seem to be having some issues getting up and over that high jump at the bottom of the doggie door. He says he would not be able to do that as would drag. It made him wince to look at it, so I showed it to him 100 times.

We both think Gail bought a CAT door...could she get a slightly larger one and maybe make it much lower? Puffy wanted to add that the older you get the harder it is to jump up onto and over things. He can no longer get onto the sofa or the bed un-assisted. Or into the vehicle.

Since you already have an indoor plant room...could a flat of real grass be considered a plant? Sounds like a winner to us.

By the way....Gail has it easy...we make our peeps get off their arses and take us out. Sometimes every 15 minutes for Puffy. We do our best to keep them exercised. Although they do grumble a lot around 2 in the morning.

And the privacy issue, maybe you could hire Bailey to file a suit for invasion of privacy.

discreet sniffies,
Bonnie n Puffy

TwoSpecialWires said...

Hamish. It's that downward cast at the end that was your demise. If only you'd looked up with an expression of "Me? That was ME that just came through that door? No! You must be mistaken!"

Better luck next time,
Jake and Fergi xxoo

Byron said...


Good try Hamish.

Unknown said...

Wow - that dog door is like something on an agility course! If there's a cardboard box near the door, I won't go past it for fear of it falling and making a loud noise. I am most impressed!

Your pal,


Eric said...

Tut Tut. Disgraceful behaviour by Gail. Hamish you must clearly point out to Gail it is one thing coming IN through your miniscule cat flat and quite another going OUT. As a self respecting dog you must. I'm sure Judge Asta will be over to pass sentence on the low down cunning sneaky guilty party. Which isn't you.

Wiry wags Eric xxx

houndstooth said...

I hate it when humans catch on to our tricks! It means we have to devise new ones!


Sally Ann and Andy said...

Hamish you've been caught. I use a wee-wee pad inside, but Mommy says I am a stubborn terrier. Mommy said to use them when I was a baby, and I listen to my Mommy when she says something.
Sally Ann

the magic sleigh said...

Wooos Hamish, as one senior dog to another I say, you are being unfairly treated, not only do woo have to go through a door, where woo have to jump, but freeze your little feet too? I say that is dog abuse! Humans need to understand that we can not always do what we can do everytime, it is hard to work at things like that and we need a little help sometimes.

I also agree with Bonnnie's suggestion of a flat of grass inside would be wonderful!
-Kira The BeaWootiful

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh Hamish..hysterical! You never know where that Gail will show up..the nerve!
Benny & Lily

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

Nothing for it now, you'll just has to try and convince her she beed dreaming.
~lickies, Ludo
pee ess: I thinks I would win that new category you suggested.

Bella and Ollie said...

It's a bit hard of Gail to expect you to do your business outside when it's so cold !
Love, Bella.

Asta said...

My deew Hamish

What gall!!!
How could she..does she have nanny-cams all ovew the house to spy on you???

I do wish I could come have a cuppa ow a wee dwam wif you while I'm on youw side of the pond( I do know my geogwaphy..Mommi is fwom Oowope ), but i have been told by Mango in no uncewtain tewms that I must not fwatewnise..
smoochie lonely Sea quest heawd kisses

Maxmom said...

Geesh Hamish
You are pretty agile pal!!! That was a pretty smooooooth entrance to say the least! You remind me very much of Toffee who is both agile and reticent about cold grass. terriers!
Love the video by the way! Love to Gail and lotsalicks to you,

Bocci said...

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Ha! You surely don't look 14-you spry young fella!
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