Monday, 11 January 2010

Please make the snow go away!

I know I said I wanted snow a few weeks ago, but I've changed my mind.

When I was a young whippersnapper, I used to so love the cold weather. Frolicking about in the park, ploughing a path through a few inches of soft, powdery snow, the sensation of rolling around to gain that 'frosted' look to my coat, all those new and interesting yellow snow smells, it seemed so exciting.

But now.

Now that I am old, I struggle to remember those joyous youthful times. 

Last Thursday night, I woke up and it was so cold in the bedroom, I started shaking. Normally, I'm an independent sort of a chap, not into sharing a bed and all that, but just this once, I swallowed my pride and burrowed under the duvet with Gail. I think she was pleased to have me there... 

Not only does the winter chill make my aging bones ache, but my paws are all chapped and sore from having to walk on ice and salt. I really could do without venturing outside at all just now.

Which of course brings me to a 'wee' problem....

Have you noticed how humans regard the indoor toilet as a marker of a civilised life? They don't like going out to 'do their business' in the freezing cold, of that we can be quite sure. So why, please tell me, did Gail get so very upset when I decided to follow her lead....?  Doesn't she understand that it's uncomfortable to pee when you're shivering and your feet hurt. And if you choose the wrong spot, you might slip on the ice when positioning yourself correctly against a lamppost or tree. Surely it's sensible in the circumstances to find a nice inside wall or table leg, and a paw-friendly carpet? Especially as us older chaps don't have quite the, how to put this nicely, the 'holding capacity' that we once had? (A problem made worse by the cold, incidentally).

All in all, it seems that global warming can't come fast enough to Scotland. Is there any possibility I could relocate somewhere warmer for the next month or two? 

Suggestions please.


Unknown said...

Pack your bags Hammish and head to Heathrow. Come down South for the winter. We're finally warming up here, although there was ice on the lagoon this morning. Should be sweater weather by Terrier Time at 4:00 p.m. today. I'll reserve a chaise on the deck for you!

Your pal,


P.S. My word verification was "peesse!" Must be French!

ScrapsofMe said...

Practical solution....could Gail get a remnant of artificial turf carpeting somewhere and cut a nice 6ft x 6ft square and place it near the back door on top of the snow? Maybe place a small potted bush near the edge for leaning purposes? She could roll it up to keep the snow off when you are done with yer doggie bidnezz. Then, in the spring she could toss it or hose it off and keep it for next year. You'd have a nice place and she'd get clean feetsies.

Puffers has the same 'control' issue since he's so ancient. He used to be able to hold it for 12 hours or more if necessary. Now it's like every 4 to 6 hours. Puffy and I agree that indooor carpet is a much better solution during nasty weather. Cleaning the carpet is another matter...or mutter as she says...muttering all the while. She relies on Urine-Off for dogs. That, and she only has freinds over that have dogs or kitties.

Snuggling under the covers is great in cold weather. I prefer the back of the Mr.s knees. Puffers has to sleep on the floor now, but SHE makes sure he has a place out of the drafts right by her bed. It's been so cold this week, he's worn his indoor flannel jacket.

Please try to keep yer feetsies dry. I'd send you some socks like Puffy wears but I don't think you'd wear em...being macho and all that.

warm sniffies, no cold noses on the butts this week!


Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

We'd say "come on over" but it's just as cold/snowy/icy here. But the up side is we don't have chemicals on our road to make the snow melt. We hear that is really hard on the feetsies.

As far as sleeping with Gail goes, we'd say "go ahead". We never get to sleep with our peeps. Java and Lilly have been staying in our living room that has the heat on at night. We Wheaties sleep in the cold, cold bedroom.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Angus said...

Hamish,I would say come to the south of France but you'll find it's just like being on top of Cairn O'Mount around here!

houndstooth said...

I'd say you could come here, but the snow is up to my belly and I'm a bit taller than you! I hope it melts away soon!


Eric said...

Hamish your poor chap. It's bloooming freezing isn't it? What's a dog to do? Slipping into Gail's bed sounds the perfect solution. Or one of those special heated pads for your bed!

Hope your snow will be leaving soon. Has Gail seen the thin booties (sort of like balloon material) you can get to protect your poorly paws Hamish? I can tell you were to get them on line here if Gail is interested.

As for the pee thing old chap.. they should make a litter tray for doggies like my indoor Kittie bro has. Hmmm we should get our noggins together and get one made?

Wiry love Eric xx

Stella said...

Its just bad stuff all over this winter, Hamish. Its been so cold, I even hate to pee in the back yard, and I don't have any feety trouble at the moment either. And we have deep snow, 3 and 4 feet!

As my Mom says that HER mother said:


It will be gone soon enough and we will get those nice spring days back. Lets be patient together, shall we?


Two French Bulldogs said...

Hamish would you please explain this to this lady over here.
Stay warm little one
Benny & Lily

the magic sleigh said...

Wooos Hamish! Woo can always come here, I will go there, and your Mum can see what it is like to live with a husky,and woo can see how warm Florida is, ok?
-Kira The BeaWootiful

TwoSpecialWires said...

Ummmm. How old does one have to be to blame it on old age?

Just asking,

Martha said...

Hi Hamish, you are sounding just a little miserable. We are glad you swallowed your pride and jumped into bed with Gail.
Our mum says old Harry used to have a hot water bottle in his bed in the winter - he hated the cold.
He refused to go out and seemed to have the most amazing bladder!
He would totter out to the porch right outside the door and pee for ever once a day!!!
Lorenza has an indoor toilet and we agree that would be the civilised solution.
In the meantime we have seen little bootees that might help your little paws.
Stay warm Hamish.
We are pretty cold here too but there is always room for you in front of the fire ...... well if Bailey moves over.
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx

Fizz said...

My Mum feels the same, Hamish. The snow was starting to thaw (to my disgust) but Mum seemed to be pleased about it, until she saw the weather forecast and realised we're getting more tonight and tomorrow, HAHA!

Fizz x

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

Poor you Hamish! Hurty bones do not sound good. I think your logic be perfectly reasonable. I casnot imagine why Gail got upset.
Lorenza does her pees in the shower, maybe you could do that too?
~lickies, Ludo

Asta said...


I would come and massage youw feeties wif soft balm if I could..I'm so glad that at least you buwwowed undew the's bestly cold hewe wifout snow to huwt the feets, but howwibull wicked icy winds coming off the Wivew..Wintew was mowe fun last yeaw
I hope Gail is mowe undewstanding in the footoowe..I agwee wif you, I don't see mommi going out and taking down hew wawm clothes just to pee peee
smoochie kisses

Maxmom said...

Hey Hamish, my dear old friend!
As an honourary South African don't you know that you have freedom of this land!?!!...What on earth is stopping you from relocating here?. You and Toffee should get along like a house on fire - peeing where it's not allowed. Unfortunately he doesn't have the cold to blame.
Anyway, Im glad you got to sleep in Gail's bed - the humans generally get a better deal.
Take care and we'll see you soon (I take it?)

Anonymous said...

First, let me say how nice your new coat looks Hamish. I was wondering if you got one from the Fat Man. Good.

Now, about that inside rest area (that's what we call the loo on the side of the road where I live).

I'm thinking that maybe Gail might like to spread a little newspaper all over your house. Yeah, that'd be good. Then you can go where you want! Right? As the actress Bette Davis once said, "gettin' older ain't for sissies." And you're no sissy! Gail will surely understand that it's no fun for a mature man, such as yourself, to get all shivery outside.

Have at it my cousin!

Roo Roo and Happy New Year,

Farley said...

Oh Hamish, I hope the warmer weather comes for you! Maybe Gail didn't understand that you were just trying to further evolve dogs to human status?

Bella and Ollie said...

Hamish, come to Australia, it's hot here now and in winter we never have snow or ice.
Do pack your sunscreen though, I love sunbaking but Mum and Dad always tell me to stay inside because I might roast if I stay in the sun too long.
I love your new coat, you look great !
Love, Bella