Saturday, 23 January 2010

Mango Minster Entry

Hey folks! This year I've decided to participate in Mango Minster for the first time. For those of you not in the know, think of it as Cyber Crufts. This event, run by my pal the relentlessly huge Mango (a mastiff) is distinctly NOT modelled on the arguably better known American dog show Westminster.....

Gail and I looked through the somewhat irregular judging groups for the show, and found that the only category for my breed is called CDIT (Cracker Dog Insane Terriers).


Well let me tell you, the only reason I have agreed to participate in this farrago is as a PROTEST against the outrageous stereotyping of all terriers implied by the title and judging criteria*  for this group...

As regular readers of this blog know, I am dignified, mentally stable, intelligent and good natured (usually, except at the vet, and on some other occasions....) I do not have mad staring eyes and as a veteran gentledog I certainly do not go in for lunatic athletic feats. Neither do I have obsessive traits. When faced with a problem, I calmly consider it from an intellectual and analytical perspective.

So here is a picture of me, taken last Spring, poised with decorum on a rock overlooking Loch Torridon.  A West Highland Terrier in his natural home, the Northwest Highlands of Scotland.
 * Judge Norwood's criteria: click on the image below to enlarge if you really want to read this insult to the noble terrier breed.


Martha said...

Hi Hamish
We love that picture of you - in fact we are surprised you have not been snapped up for the lid of a shortbread tin!
We are pleased you are entering Mango Minster - even as a protest!
Those of us who have been following your blog can think of some instances when you have been a bit cracker dog insane right enough!
We are sooo impressed that Judge Norwood has a criteria!
We must have a look as fellow judges about what criteria we are using!
If you have any mentally stable, intelligent time perhaps you could give it some thought!
love you lots
Martha & Bailey xxx

Angus said...

I see there's a category down there that says ' the devil made me do it'. As a good Kirk dog you can always use that as an excuse for the judges.

How Sam Sees It said...

Don't let it offend you, after all we can all see that you are a fine, stalwart terrier that has set the bar way to high for the common dog to reach... :)


houndstooth said...

I entered the hound group for the first time this year myself! Good luck! I'm sure you'll set them straight about breed profiling and the like!


Stella said...

So, Hamish, its all just kind of a silly thing, isn't it? Think of your terrier friends on the blogs and none or few, fit that category.

Myself, I entered the sporting dog with Wubba being my sport. Ali Z entered the Dog Cat category, but she didn't like that either. Ali Z suggests you enter that category because of your intelligence and superior reasoning skills.

Just go at it with your charming sense of humor, and all will be fine, dear Hamish.

And no, I got no honey from that stuffee Hive at all!


Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

Hamish, good luck and set them straight, will you?

Westie kisses from
Julep and Derby

p.s. my parents are planning a trip to Scotland next year - but we can't go ... bark-bark!

Two French Bulldogs said...

We like the googly eyes part..BOL
Benny & Lily

Unknown said...

"Foam at the mouth?"

What are they mistaking us for, lumbering Giant Mastiffs???

"Bright-eyed, good humoured, waggy tailed, scruffy haired, fiercely loyal and off-the-charts intelligent"

Now THAT sounds more like a terrier!

Your indignant pal,


P.S. Let's not forget that Westies are proud descendants of Cairns!

Eric said...

Hamish dear chap. You look posively spiffing, indeed most dashing in your photograph entry. Good luck to you sir. Of course I agree with Martha and Bailey, you are far more handsome than the terrier on the Marks and Spaks Shortbread Biscuit Tin. Mmmm shortbread....

Sorry. back to your point. I too challenged Norwood on his judging criteria, albeit from a slightly different angle. My point being if he thinks we terriers are all afflicted cracker dogs surely a photograph showing us dignified, debonair and darn right dogalicious would be harder to capture, therefore the right entry. My entry will be like yours Hamish, though I have to admit, being three, I am sometimes, cracker dog itsy bitsy insane. Not a crime is it? Mom has all her digits crossed I'll grow out of it. What say you Hamish?
Wiry love Eric xxx

Asta said...


I have nevew known you to be anything but totally dignified and cewtainly not cwackew dog..I must say, i agwee it is an insult to us sweet , loyal, clevew and wondewful tewwiews to be so classified.
I love youw pictoowe!
smoochie kisses,ASTA

Maxmom said...

Well, well, well! Dear Hamish! Hah, so you are going in for the competitions now? I seem to recall that you objected to getting awards some time ago. Now tell me, Lad...what exactly are you going to do when you win?? It is really gonna be interesting, because that picture of you is truly slendiforous (is their such a word anyway?)and I think you have a fantastic chance. So what ya gonna do buddy?
Anyway, good luck, we'll be watching from the sidelines with great interest.


ScrapsofMe said...

Very handsome indeed! Are you all packed and ready to go to Mango Minster? I have to do some shopping first, I hear the judge has a fondness for hotdogs...the sausage type. We should get together and have a wee dram while you are here. SHE makes scrumptious neeps n tatties, but no haggis. Maybe you could smuggle over a fried pizza? I bet the judge would go bonkers over that. I know a place that does the fried Mars Bars, but they are awfully sweet. Oh...and the Mr. loves Tennents...could you bring one of those too?

Here's a fine quote for you today:

His locked, lettered, braw brass collar, Shewed him the gentleman and scholar.

The Twa Dogs


TwoSpecialWires said...

Oh Hamish. If only we'd read this right after you pawed it out. We've been laboring over this whole thing, for many of the same reasons as you. AND we had not even SEEN the Judge's Criteria. Like you, we do NOT see ourselves as cracker dogs (don't really even know what they are) and we are CERTAINLY not insane. We finally relented and let Moma send in a couple of photos, with an explanation about our indisposition. We did it only to please her. If we'd known of your opinion, we'd've joined you in protest.

Totally cool, calm and collected terrier models,
Jake and Fergi xxoo