Wednesday 10 February 2010

A mugs' game...

How am I doing today? Hmmmh. Thanks for asking. Well I've been feeling a bit up and down this week. But, to use a favourite phrase of human grandad, Soldiering On. 

Yes indeed, I'm Soldiering On. 

As I haven't been out much, I've had plenty of time to think about important questions. 

There's just one thing I just can't make up my mind about. Perhaps you can help? 
Gail was given these two mugs as Christmas presents last year. It really is difficult to decide which one is nicest. 

I think we need a closer look.
One always has to consider a problem from different angles
And take into account all the features. Let's see.

I think the most important factor is the depiction of the Westies, don't you? The 'red' mug on the left features two, but the 'blue' one on the right has three, so round one to the blue corner, yes? But then on the other hand,  one of the red mug's Westies has a smart coat, and the other a nice collar and tag, so that maybe balances things out.

What about the other accessories? Here, advantage red mug, where the two dogs have their own kennel, a welcoming robin, and someone has given them an interesting gift.  

Oh but then perhaps that's not the whole picture. Consider the weather. Those two Westies on the left do need a kennel, as it appears to be snowing on their mug. Whereas our three pals on the right are enjoying a pleasant summer day, blue skies and green grass. 

A quiet voice in the corner here is suggesting that I am 'over-analysing' this issue. And also complaining that I am missing the point by ignoring key features like compatibility with dishwashers and microwaves....

Surely not? 

Which mug do you prefer? I'm too tired to think about it any longer....


Angus said...

Hamish - what's wrong with having a wee nap while you ponder things? The choice will be easier after you've recharged your batteries.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

Plainly there is one for summer and one for winter.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

houndstooth said...

Hamish, I think they're both quite nice, but I'm a tad partial to the blue one. I like the collar decorating the handle!


Lucia said...

Ciao bello Hamish!

I, Lucia, believe Piper, Lilly, Carrleigh and Java are correct: one is for summer, the other for winter. Alternatively, one could be for morning tea, the other for afternoon. Or, one could be for Gail, the other for you. Or, one could be for hot beverages, the other for cold. Or, one could be for ... santa vacca, Hamish!!! This analysis process is very exhausting work! If you don't mind, I think I'll have a nap with you, mio dolce amico!

Tanti baci!

ScrapsofMe said...

Hmmmmm....let's consider the evidence. I see 2 mugs, both empty. I see Hamish passed out on the floor. I can only conculd both mugs were previously filled with a pleasant beverage, known to induce feeling of euphoria and cause sleepiness. Ergo, Hamish is in his cups again!

Dude, share one next time!


Maxmom said...

Hamish dear lad!
There is one thing we have in's experiencing a long and happy life. Now, one learns things in life! What I have learnt is never to judge a book by its covers, or a dog by what it looks like or indeed a mug on the outside! DON'T YOU REMEMBER?!?....


Coffee, Tea, Hot chocolate, Milo, Chai, Dog soup???? That's what's matters.
(But if you press me...its the gentle colours of blue and green!)
Keep soldiering dear Hamish and I will too...

the magic sleigh said...

Woooos Hamish! I am glad woo are doing ok! I like both of them if they have something yummy inside! Hot cocoa is always good! Remember, one is for winter, Baileys and coffee, and the other for summer, Jack and coke!
-Kira The No Snow Dog!

Martha said...

Och Hamish, you're a brave wee soldier right enough!
We have been worried about you!
Now as for the mugs - we personally prefer the blue cos it looks more like you.
They are both lovely of course but we are not sure how you are going to manage to drink your wee dram out of them - you would need an awfy long tongue!
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxxxxx

Unknown said...

I like the seasonal mug notion and let's face it, you wearing your new red coat with that red mug between your paws would send the cuteness meter off the charts. I also agree that the blue mug has remarkable likenesses to your handsome "mug." However, if you could get some tea stains on it, that Westie could quickly turn into a Cairn that looks like you-know-who!

Your pal,


Two French Bulldogs said...

Hi Hamish..we sure were sending you tons of good thoughts! We like the mug on the right, the blue one
Have a happy day
Benny and Lily

Stella said...

Hi dear Hamish!

I like the blue one too, it would remind me of the blue skies and your travels about Scotland, visiting the lake and all.
The Westie is more real looking too and I like that, just like I like you!


Dexter said...

Overuse of your mentals can lead to exhaustion. I like the blue one myself.


Scooter said...

All your points are correct. The red mug with the gift would be more like a christmas/winter mug.

I like alot of colors, so I am partial to the blue one, it does ahev 3 westies on it and to me they look more like real westies than the red cup ones. So the blue one would be a spring/summer mug.

MAN!! this does take up alot of brain power, I need a nap tooo!!


Eric said...

I'm wagging you are soldering on Hamish. Please stay that way. Now for the mug question.

One question of importance is do they both hold the same volume of liquid? More the merrier I would say. Spcecially if its' the hard stuff. Is the shape of one mug easier than the other for getting to the dregs of tea at the bottom?

Gail has a point about the dishwasher. I would go with the mug that goes into the dishwasher. Any opportunity for that feast licking machine (which I'm banned from doing which is of course in itself a challenge)to get opened get's my vote.

But Hamish. Honestly old bean. I think I like your mug the best.

Wiry love Eric xx

♥ Sallie said...

I like the blue mug best but they are both great! :)

Mumzie said...

Glad to meet you Hamish. We'd be liken the Blue one, but you should really think on it a little more. Mumzie

TwoSpecialWires said...

Unless we missed it, we don't recall reading about the cozy little cottage inside the blue mug. But really. We suggest that you keep them seasonal. Blue for spring and summer. Red for fall and winter. Enough said. Nap now.
Jake and Fergi (who are both glad, along with our people, that you are doing okay)

How Sam Sees It said...

They are both very nice, perhaps you could use one as a morning mug and one as an afternoon mug?


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Well, judging by the last photograph, there appears to be a wee house and garden inside the blue one... that's the one I'd choose! But, they're both lovely.