Monday 8 February 2010

Quick update from yesterday

Gail speaks first: Thank you so very much to everyone for sending Hamish all those best wishes, love and healing thoughts yesterday. What did we learn at the vet? Well apparently dogs of Hamish's age and breed do not suddenly develop epilepsy, so the fits must be caused by something else. A blood test ruled out liver or kidney failure, an abscess, and hypoglycemia. That leaves, worryingly, a brain tumour or a mini-stroke as the most likely cause. The vet does not recommend further invasive investigations for a dog of Hamish's age. He has been prescribed medication to improve oxygen supply to the brain, and if the fits continue he will also receive anti-convulsant medication. He has been taking a short course of prednisolone for the last few weeks anyway to calm his itchy skin. So it's now a game of wait and see, with fingers crossed. 

Now back to Hamish:

Hi folks!  Well I did feel pretty strange yesterday, after my odd turn on Saturday night. A few bruises too, from tumbling downstairs. Still, every cloud has a silver lining, and as neither Gail nor I felt up to embarking on one of our more exciting Sunday outings, we ventured instead into that terra incognito known as 'the back garden', and I helped (well, provided moral support) with some tidying up work. 

And I do want to make my contribution quite clear as it is usually me, who, most unfairly, gets blamed for the state of this overgrown, unkempt and generally neglected patch of earth.  I mean, I would show you photos of how bad it looks, but that has been banned, on grounds of 'embarrassment'. 

Pleased to report that this morning (Monday) I'm feeling a good bit sprightlier, and am looking forward to a cosy week at home, assisting Gail with this new 'job'. (I have decided to take my friends' advice and not write to her employers about the false authorship claims...) 


Maxmom said...

Hey there Hamish, my lad!
Hang in there, buddy! We really hope and pray that your fit was an isolated incident and that you will be on the road to a speedy recovery!
Gail...we are thinking of you and also sending positive thoughts your way. Hugs and cuddles to Hamish!
With love

Angus said...

Being a good Scot Hamish will of course never admit to feeling unwell. What joy our canine companions bring but what worries. Someone said on the blog this morning that they are more of an emotional roller coaster than children - I'm almost tempted to agree.

Princess Patches said...

Hang in there, Hamish! Many years ago, our mom's Mini Schnauzer had fits every once in a while. Each time, Mom thought she was gone, but then she would jump up, shake, and walk away. She had conjestive heart failure, but lived another 2 years with it. She started having the seizures at age 12, but lived to be 14!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

houndstooth said...

Hamish, we're glad you're feeling better! One of ours had a seizure as an allergic reaction to some medicine. Is it possibly he's allergic to the medicine for his itch?

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

Hamish and Gail - thank you for the report ... hope all continues on course ...

Gail - has Hamish ever had his blood tested for his copper level? If you do a web search you can read about what high levels of copper can do to a westie - this is just a thought that popped into my mind.

As alway, please keep us posted on progress. Katie

Unknown said...

Hamish my lad,

Glad to hear you're feeling more yourself this morning. That wee dram seems to have done the trick. What's that they say about "the hair of the dog" being the ultimate cure-all? Well, make sure to drink your dram out of a hairy glass!

A bit of exercise assisting the help in straightening out the garden should also be restorative.

Hang in there, a fellow needs a wise sage for a mentor...

Your pal,


the magic sleigh said...

Wooos Hamish! I understand about these things because it admit it happens to me a lot. After the seizures I just need my Mum around me at all times, It is hard to feel better right away... but after a couple of days woo are back to feeling normal once again.
Woo are in my heart and prayers!
-Kira The BeaWootiful and still snowless!

Scooter said...

you just Chill today and take it easy and hang out. We hope you will be feeling better too and let Gail pamper and spoil you some, sometimes little moan helps to get their attention ;-)

More get well wishes comin...

Stella said...

Hi dear Hamish!

Its most relieving to hear that you got some meds and are feeling better.

My late Scottie, Otis, had these seizures now and then from your age on. We did nothing for them and they were pretty rare. I am glad you got meds though, I am sure they will help.

Love and hugs,

Jo and Stella

Martha said...

Hi Hamish, sorry we are late but our secretary was at work and try as we might we cant get our dad to check our blog!
We are glad you have some medication and hope it controls the nasty fits.
We agree a dog of your advanced age does not want any nasty tests.
Bad enough they have taken some of your blood.
We are so glad you are helping in the garden.
Make sure you leave all the heavy work to Gail so as not to overdo things.
Also make sure when Gail stops for a cup of tea you have a little treat.
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx

Asta said...

Dawling hamish
I just saw youw post of yestewday and it fwightened me no end..I'm so sowwy I wasn't hewe to send my heling smoochies wight away. Thank dog that those awful diseases wewe wuled out by youw dogtow, and I will pway and cwoss my aws that it was a one off and that youw medecins keep you feeling bettew.
Pleez take it easy and don't wowk too hawd in the gawden. you awe pwecious to me. take a wee medicinal dwam wif youw tweat aftew wowk and fwequent naps awe in owdew I think. I'm sending extwa smoochies fow youw bwuises sweet boy.

youw loving fwiend

DSS said...


So very glad to hear you are feeling in better spirits today!! We were quite worried about you for a minute. Of course, we should have known you would be back to regular goings on in no time.

Stay warm, and get some rest. Bruises heal better with cuddling we hear!

Trever & Louis
Virginia, US

Sally Ann and Andy said...

My big sister had epilispy for 14 years, and she fared well. We are so sorry you don't feel well. Get better.

Eric said...

Hamish my main man. I'm very sorry I missed your post yesterday. Made me late in sending you my powerful special wiry zen healing wishes. Got to admit. I had a little pee right on the floor when I saw you'd had a nasty turn. Can't have that from a young wiry snapper so you need to get well.

I'm glad the vet ruled out all the nasty things and has been able to help you. Stay warm and comfortable and close to Gail too. A hot toddy at bedtime is good medicine as well as buckets of love. I'm bringing that up in the zoomer. From me. To you. Gail too.

Take it easy pal. And demand that fried liver sandwich with a little peanut butter on the side with your bedtime toddy.

Wiry love Eric

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh poor baby. Hang in there Hamish. We will be sending you the best thoughts ever.
Benny & Lily

Deborah said...

Hi, Just dropping by Max's blog and I am wishing you lots of well wishes. I will pray for you that you get better fast.
You are very, very cute!!! I hope all goes well...
Deborah and my pack!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Hamish...we heard you were ailing and thought a visit may cheer you up...we've got our paws crossed for you dear boy and if you need any nursing care, I can be in my uniform in a jiffy and pop over and help ya out...and yes, I will bring my blender...a nice antioxidant smoothie can be so helpful at times...

You are in our thoughts and prayers dear Hamish...


Lacie, Scruffy, Stanny and Mumsie

Eric said...

Hamish dear fellow. Hope you are feeling better today? When you're up to it I'll pop up in the zoomer. Take you out for a spot of lunch and a snifter to follow.

Wiry love Eric xx

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

oh Hamish, that beed quite a shock! Glad you is feeling better. I do hope this will help you guild Gail into admitting to her terrible plagiarism.

Hope you keep on feeling better Hamish!
~lickies, Ludo

sprinkles said...

I first saw you on Mango's blog and thought to myself just how adorable you are!

Then I read on Max's blog that you weren't doing so well so I knew I had to come over and wish you well.

My dad's ancient beagle has also has seizures. She doesn't have them often, thank goodness. The vet just said to watch them & keep track of how often she has them. As far as I know, she's not on any medication for them and they've not done any testing to find out what it could be. I think they haven't run the tests because she's so old.

I hope this will be the last of your seizures!

ScrapsofMe said...

Hi Hamish! I'm so glad you are feeling a bit better. I was worried over yer furry ole self. I'm glad your vet is on top of the issue. Sheesh...tumbling down the skeeree! You coulda' broke yer neck! And then where would we be without a PHD dog to splain Glow Ball Worming to us? Maybe it's time to move downstairs....closer to the kitchen!

In regard to putting her hand down my throat (all the way to my tummy I swear!)...I'm not a biter like Puffy. Plus from the time I was a puppy, she was always running her fingers around in my mouf...and she brushes my toofers from time to time. So I'm used to her hand in my mouf. Usually with chicken flavored toothpaste! Yummy!

I'm sending soft woofie scottie kisses yer way.


Unknown said...

Oh Hamish!! I've only just heard about your sickies! Sorry I have not stopped by earlier. Am glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better and I hope the medicines from the vet will help you even more. It is a shame they don't know the exact reason you have these sickies but as long as you are not in pain or anything, then that's the main thing...we doggies live in the moment, don't we? It's a great blessing as we leave all the worrying to our humans and are happy as long as we are loved...which I know you are a lot! :-)

Thinking of you from far away and keeping all paws crossed for you -

Honey the Great Dane

Unknown said...

Just checking in on you today, Hamish, to see if you've been behaving yourself and not giving Gail any trouble.

I was just sound asleep on the couch, talking away in my sleep. Mom swore she heard me say "No Hamish, I think you'll be happier with the 7 iron." Apparently, we were back at St. Andrews on the Royal and Ancient.

Your pal,


Lucia said...

Ciao bello Hamish!

I, Lucia, certainly hope you're feeling molto better today, mio caro amico. La mia ragazza and I will keep you and Gail in our thoughts, you can be sure of that!

Tanti baci!

Martha said...

Hi Hamish
Hope you are feeling better today. We have been thinking about you.
We know there is more cold and snow forecast for your side of Scotland and want to make sure you stay well.
We hope Gail has a little hot water bottle to pop in your bed.
You just can't be too careful!
Take care.
love you lots
Martha & Bailey xxx

Bella and Ollie said...

Best wishes and all my love to you Hamish, I do hope it's nothing serious and you get better.
Take care.
Love, Bella.

How Sam Sees It said...

We are thinking of you, friend Hamish. Please take care.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Edward, Apple and I send our best wishes, Hamish! We hope you are feeling much better now and we're thinking of you and Gail!