Sunday 1 March 2009

Itchy feet

Physically, my paws are feeling fine, but I'm still suffering from metaphorical itchy feet.

Do you know, I've had a passport for nearly ten years ? (The origin of my vet-phobia, but that's a story for another day). Yes TEN YEARS, but Gail's never once taken me on holiday abroad.

If we can't go to New Zealand - too far apparently - then how about Germany? Courtesy of attending Deutschklasse for about six years, I understand the language, after a fashion. I know a lot about their education system. I'm aware that I'm supposed to sit down when someone says 'Platz'. The fact that I tend to ignore the command is because it's pointless, not because I don't understand. I'm not stupid.

Oh. Gail says I've just reminded her why we can't go to Germany. Apparently they have lot of rules there and they expect people - and dogs - to obey. When a sign says something is 'verboten', it really is. And unlike here in dog-friendly Scotland, the dreaded notice "Hunde an der Leine" is common and not subject to flexible interpretation.

Well is this all true I wonder? Or is Gail just trotting out some well-worn 'towels by the swimming pool' style stereotypes as an excuse to leave me at home, to only dream of all those W├╝rste?


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Oh Hamish...we do hope you get to scratch your itch :o) If all else fails there's always's practically the tropics. Probably.
Slobbers xx

Stella said...

I'm troubled to hear that you can't trust Gail, Hamish. Why not get on the computer, book a flight to the USA, and expect a very pleasant visit. You need to be leashed here, but we are otherwise, very casual and love Terriers. Just hook up with someone at the airport who is coming to the states.

Look us up!