Thursday, 5 March 2009

Notes for posterity?

Do you like the picture on the left? It's the front cover of my 'Blog Book' That's the note book where my amanuensis (Gail so much prefers that title to 'note-taker') records my thoughts for the blog. The book was a present from Diane, herself a well-known local writer, although I'm not sure she's had a go at blogging yet......

Apparently the picture's supposed to look like me. Can you see the resemblance? Me neither.

Anyway, I understand that the notebooks of famous authors can be valuable. So, for the benefit of posterity, here's a page from my book, which future researchers may find useful in their studies.

What do you mean I'm not THAT famous??


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Haha Hamish! You are a star in our book :D and in your own garden!
Do let us know if you want to meet up in Roseisle....we'll make sure Rosie doesn't embarrass you!
Slobbers xx

the magic sleigh said...

Mommy made a cartoon of me too! That is what a is she said, I don't think mine looked like me neither though....
We are all famous in our own way!
-Kira The BeaWootiful

Stella said...

I think to market your notebook it would be helpful if it was legible.

I do like the drawing of you though. Even though it doesn't look just like you it has that bon vivant aura that you have.


Martha said...

Hello Hamish
It is very nice to meet you - we have noticed you on Petey's blog.
We think the picture on the book is very good - it is what you call an abstract we think so not an exact likeness but certainly makes us think of you!
Martha & Bailey xx

Unknown said...

Hamish, I'm so jealous you'll be meeting my girl Rosie in the fur! (Don't go getting any ideas, laddie. She's a one-terrier gal.)

I've got the perfect part for you in Beagadoon - you can be wise Mr. Lundie the school teacher who tells the story of Beagadoon and why it shows up only one day every 100 years. Sounds great, right?

Your pal,