Sunday 5 July 2009

Friends reunited

It's been ages since I met up with my Westie girlfriends, Florrie and Lucy. We all went for a walk today in one of my favourite places, the Forvie National Nature Reserve. It's a lovely spot, with an estuary, sand dunes, a beach, some heathland, and lots of eider ducks and terns. 

There is one slight drawback - dogs are supposed to be on a lead. But do you know, we met a ranger who looked at the three of us Westies and said it was OK for us to be running free. RESULT! (Only in Scotland...)

So we entered the reserve...

and Florrie and Lucy went for a paddle in the Ythan Estuary (I joined them later).

Then we had to cross the  Sahara Desert sand dunes. 

Then another paddle, this time in the North Sea. 

Now I want to point out that when I was a youngster, I had absolutely no problem keeping up with these two ladies. In fact there used to be a certain amount of flirting going on whilst we ran up mountains together... 

But as regular readers of this blog will know, these days I concentrate my efforts on more serious matters. And also, well, to be honest, between you and me, I did find it just a teeny weeny little bit difficult trying to run as fast as the girls.  But I'm sure they didn't notice...

It was a hot day too, so quite a relief to get back to the cars. Florrie and Lucy have a very nice red rug, don't you think? (And a posher car than ours).

But only I get to sit in the front seat!   


Martha said...

Hi Hamish
We are first! First of all we would like to offer our sincere and heartfelt apologies for tarnishing the reputation of Scotsmen/dogs everywhere. The inclusion of Rab C in our video was regretable.
You, Hamish, are a fine example of a Scotsdog, cultured, refined, well dressed......well you have it all - a very erudite dog!
Now that beach - amazing - we will have to visit.
We just loved those pictures and also loved meeting your two lovely friends.
You kinda all matched somehow!
They did have a posh number plate so we reckon Gail knows a few oil millionaires!
As for you not keeping up - you are in excellent shape for a doggie of your senior years. It is clear you have lived a sensible life, taking all things in moderation, with the occasional wee dram!
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxxx
ps we have just been tagged and we hope you will play along!!!

Maxmom said...

Hey there, Hamish,
...missing Wimbledon?...I'm impressed! Those ladies must be something real special! AND you seem to have had them all to yourself! Again...I'm impressed.

And the 'Sahara Desert' mistake - well, I can only assume that you are becoming Africanised.
Hi five, old Man!
Barks from Maxdog in South AFrica

Stella said...

Hello Hamish!

Its good to see you out having some fun with your girlies! Lets remember though, that if these pretty girls are lucky, they will reach your age and know what you know! Its just plain smart to slow down just a little as the years roll on!


Penny said...

Wow Hamish your soooo luky you've got other westie pals! We're all probably related! 2 girlfriends Hamish? are you famous or something?!
Lots of sloppy licks,your dear pal,Penny!=]

Asta said...

sounds like a glowious day..youw Giwlfwiends flowwie and Lucy suwe awe bootiful..I wouldn't wowwy about keeping up..I think you awe pawfect as is..sometimes wunning too fast is unseemly...I don't even have a caw, so youws must be way nicew than mine, hehehe
smoochie kisses

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

Hi Hamish,

It looks like you had so much fun. We would love to be running with you in Scotland.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

the magic sleigh said...

WOOO Hamish I am sure you were very well behaved and distinguished which is why the ranger let you in off leash. I know they would never let me in that way. As for getting older?, no! only better!
-Kira The BeaWootiful

TwoSpecialWires said...

What a great way to spend the day, with good friends, old friends, best friends. We are only wishing that that Sahara Desert was the Sand Dunes in OUR state, cuz we would've rushed down (over) to see you and join the party.

BTW, our verification word was another word for poop. That reminds us that we'd better go our for our nightly job and then head to bed!

Jake and Fergi

Jake of Florida said...


You are definitely a dog with a discerning eye. Maturity has its advantages. We're not quite sure as yet what it is with the two "Justs" -- just friends or just a little more -- but I agree that Ms JM is dlectable in that scarf!!

Stay tuned...

Wirey woofs,

Jake of Florida

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

I think you get the best spot, being in the front seat.
It look fun to have those pretty ladies and pretty places to visit. You all had very nice fur do's.
I think you kept up just fine, and if they question you should say you just beed checking out a good sniff.
~lickies, Ludo

Unknown said...

Sir Hamish, you're such the ladies man. Two wee lassies in Scotland, then I read a comment to my post that the very comely Stella of Minnesota thinks "The ceremony will be wonderful but meeting Hamish will be very special, too."

Do you have anything to say for yourself? When it comes to your disparaging remarks about cross-pond relationships, me thinketh you complainth too mucheth!

Your pal,