Thursday, 14 August 2008

Beach smells

Gail is spending a lot of time at home sat at her computer these days. She seems to be very busy. I have no idea what she's doing. I hope she does.

At least there's more opportunity for me to let her know that I'm bored of the house and really would appreciate a little outing somewhere.

Well, we had a very nice outing yesterday, an evening walk along the Aberdeen City Beach. And no, Aberdeen Council don't panic, we DID obey the signs which say I'm not allowed on the sand between groynes 6 and 13, we walked along the promenade for that bit, as you're supposed to.

There's lots of interesting things to smell at the beach. Not just the usual marks left by my fellow canines - though there are plenty of those - but also you can find rotting remains of seaweed, fish, seagulls and even, if you're luck's really in, a nice big and very dead seal.

There is a point of difference between Gail and I concerning these decomposing items. I do hope you'll side with me on this one. Surely, it adds greatly to a dog's allure if he can rub himself up against some dead flesh and go home smelling of 'eau de putrefaction'? But Gail doesn't see it this way, and if by some chance her guard slips and I do manage to stain my white coat with some interesting beach find, then no soon as we're home, it's collar off, shampoo out, into the shower, and I end up all wet and boringly odour-free.

Anyway, yesterday I didn't get any chances to adorn myself in this way, so had to be content with investigating the abundant litter left behind from meals of fish and chips, burgers etc. Rich pickings, you might think, but sadly the gulls had got there first. Have you seen an Aberdeen seagull? (Silly question I know if you live here). Some of them are bigger than me, living proof I think that a fast food diet is not good for the waistline. So next time leave a few morsels of that double cheeseburger and fries for yours truly, eh, guys?

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