Friday, 1 August 2008

Feeling better - a visit to the guinea pigs

Well, it's better news today. Those little tablets that Ian the vet prescribed have made me feel a whole lot less itchy, my paw's not nearly so sore as before, and so I'm back to running up and down stairs, jumping through the dog flap and I have only a slight limp.

Having been more or less stuck indoors for two days, I'm suffering from cabin fever, so what a relief this morning when Gail takes me for a short walk round to feed our neighbour's guinea pigs. I must say, these neighbours do seem to have a lot of holidays, but I'm not complaining, it's always fun to go and visit my four rodent pals. I'd really like to be more friendly with them, we could have great fun chasing each other round the back garden, but Gail's a spoil sport and won't ever let them out of their run to play with me. And when I try to initiate a conversation, all four wee tim'rous beasties go and hide under the hutch.

Now these guinea pigs have a nice big run, and a clean cosy hutch filled with hay. So they're well cared for on the whole. But let me confess I do have some ethical concerns about their feeding arrangements. No seriously! Animal rights and environmental issues are involved. These owners buy fine organic veggies for themselves, but my furry friends get fobbed off with the cheapest pesticide ridden stuff from Asda or Lidl or wherever. Can this be right? Surely not.

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