Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Some neighbours

I'm feeling great today, all bright-eyed and waggly-tailed. In fact I was up and quite ready to go for my morning walk at six a.m. prompt. It's safe to say Gail wasn't. Sometimes she lies still in bed and pretends she's still asleep, when I know fine well she's faking it and just being idle!

Eventually, around seven thirty, I get my standard weekday morning trot around the block. Now that the school holidays are over, the regular Devanha Gardens cast of characters have all reappeared.

The gorgeous Marcelle, I've mentioned before - I just catch sight of her shapely silver rear end as she and her owner Catherine head home from the park. Molly the springer spaniel from next door overtakes us shortly. She's calmed down a good deal these days, I'm pleased to report. On the home straight we encounter relative newcomer Ted. I quite like Ted, despite him being a border collie and so liable to do that irritating crouching thing when he sees me coming. When that's all over with, he's pretty normal and friendly.

If I were the jealous type, I'd envy Ted his handsome form and the fact that his owner's always so elegantly turned out, compared to Gail. Really, she - Gail that is - could try a little harder. Sometimes I think she spends more time and effort on my appearance than on her own!

By the way, talking of appearances, I've heard that humans sometimes refer to a plain woman as "a dog". Really, how unfair is that?

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